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UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler 2 live results, play by play and discussion

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Catch all the live and detailed results as the UFC 181 pay-per-view unfolds from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler results, play by play and discussion. Two titles are on the line: the pay-per-view's centerpiece is a rematch between welterweight champion Johny Hendricks and the seemingly ageless Robbie Lawler while lightweight champ Anthony Pettis defends the strap against the tenacious Gilbert Melendez.

Filling out the sturdy main card is a duplex of heavyweight bouts -- Travis Browne vs. Brendan Schaub and Todd Duffee vs. Anthony Hamilton -- and a surefire dogfight between lightweights Tony Ferguson and Abel Trujillo. Testifying to the event's depth, Urijah Faber, "The California Kid," captains the Fox Sports preliminary card versus brawler Francisco Rivera.

Live results and play by play will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 7 p.m. ET. Feel free to peruse this week's Vivisection for detailed UFC 181 discussion, analysis and betting odds.The full lineup with start times follows.

UFC 181 Main Card (PPV at 10:00 p.m. ET)

Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler

R1: Lawler skates out with a double jab, a one-two and some vicious knees to the body. Hendricks tries a duck-under takedown as Lawler stays on him but it's stuffed. More knees to the body from Lawler in the clinch. Lawler unfolds more punches and then lands more knees from the double collar tie after stuffing Hendricks' shot. Hendricks is able to put Lawler on the fence and lands a few uppercuts downstairs. Hendricks tries to time a takedown when Lawler connects on a knee to the body but can't get it. Lawler cross-faces to create space and bombs two knees to the head of Hendricks.

Hendricks buries his head and tries to get deep on a double leg but Lawler uses an underhook and a wide base to stifle it. Three consecutive knees to the body from Lawler, enabled by wrist control. Hendricks lands a knee to the body whilst ejecting from the clinch. Inside low kick from Hendricks in open space. Now a right hook and left inside low kick combo from the champ. Another inside low kick for Hendricks but there's not a ton on them. There is on the next one, which Hendricks uses to get deep penetration and nail his first takedown with less than a half-minute remaining. 10-9 Lawler for the more effective offense.

R2: Lawler digs in with a right body kick while evading the counter shot from Hendricks. Hendricks lands a low kick and Lawler returns the favor. Lawler leads with an uppercut elbow that's dodged. Hendricks attacks Lawler's lead leg with an inside and outside low kick, then scores with a left hand and another low kick. Another left hand and low kick combo from Hendricks, who puts Lawler on the fence. A series of knees to Lawler's right thigh, the same target he's been kicking in open space.

Hendricks pinches Lawler's legs together to complete the double leg and postures up to land two short lefts. Hendricks gets wrist control to prevent Lawler from posting an arm, then picks an ankle but Lawler manages to stand. Lawler cracks Hendricks in the jaw with a clean front kick that snaps his head back. Hendricks with another inside low kick. Now a right hand and an outside low kick from Hendricks. Lawler dings him with a jab and Hendricks answers with a left. Lawler slips on a kick in the closing seconds and Hendricks rolls into a guillotine as the horn sounds. 10-9 Hendricks.

R3: Hendricks with an outside low kick. Lawler continues to probe with the rear-leg front kick. Hendricks with a two-punch combo and a low kick, all of which land. Hendricks repeats the same combo and lands the kick. Front kick and a jab from Lawler. Another low kick from the champ. Double jab and left cross from Hendricks. Clean jab lands for Hendricks.

Hendricks stays on the trigger with methodical shots as Lawler's pace dwindles severely. Inside low kick for Hendricks, then a one-two and an uppercut. Hendricks snatches up a single leg and finishes it. After a struggle, Lawler frees up a leg and gets his hips out, allowing him to stand. Hendricks stays on him, working hard for a double and eventually getting it. 10-9 Hendricks.

R4: Hendricks controls the early exchanges with heavy hooks and more low kicks. He shoots nearly a minute in and puts Lawler on the cage. Hendricks freezes in double-leg position and the ref separates them after the lull. Lawler uncorks a left hand and a left high kick that Hendricks barely blocks. They exchange evenly with punches in the next few sequences.

Lawler slices in with a left and then slams a left high kick into Hendricks' guard. Hendricks catches Lawler pawing and moving forward, changing levels for a single leg. Lawler stays true to form and works his hips free to escape. Hendricks lands a leg kick from distance and clings on a double leg as Lawler advances, which draws some scattered boos from the crowd. Lawler snaps his head down and unloads a vicious barrage of punches and elbows before the round ends as Hendricks mysteriously doesn't scramble and takes it. 10-9 Lawler.

R5: They both come out swinging to start the final frame. Hendricks shoots 30 seconds in and clings to a double leg, and the crowd lets him hear it this time. Hendricks lands a few short knees to the thigh before they're separated. Clean jab from Hendricks on the restart. Three-punch combo and a low kick from Hendricks. Lawler wades forward with punches and the crowd howls as Hendricks dives on another clinch. Herb Dean steps in and they restart with two minutes left.

Hendricks waits for Lawler to throw and repeats the failed single/clinch control routine. This time Lawler sprawls his hips out and starts banging heavy right hands off Hendricks' head. Lawler reaches over and picks Hendricks' ankle from on top and punishes him with a series of nasty elbows to the body. Lawler jumps off and pounces on Hendricks when he stands up, discharging a left hook and landing two left kicks to the body. 10-9 Lawler. I have it 48-47 Lawler.

  • Robbie Lawler defeats Johny Hendricks by split decision (47-48, 48-47, 49-46)

Anthony Pettis vs. Gilbert Melendez

R1: Melendez flashes his hands to set up a clinch entry, unable to complete his takedown attempt but succeeding in putting Pettis on the fence. They separate briefly and Pettis somehow gets a kick off before Melendez reattaches and gets Pettis down. It's brief as Pettis scrambles back to his feet, trying to hand-fight the rear waist cinch of Melendez. After a short stalemate, Melendez throws a few left hands. Pettis slips out and they restart in the center.

Melendez swallows up the distance and gets back in Pettis' face with right-left combos, then gets in on his waist with a body lock. Again Pettis fights his way out and unleashes a kick on the break, then lands a spinning heel kick to the body. Melendez barges forward again, landing a right. Pettis clears space and throws another kick with his back on the fence. Pettis' flying knee is blocked and Melendez stays stuck to him in the clinch. Pettis throws a left body kick from southpaw and lands it. 10-10: Melendez was more steadily offensive but Pettis had the more effective outbursts.

R2: Pettis snaps a jab and Melendez grazes with a right hand. Melendez uncorks a succession of left-right flurries and finds the mark on a few before clinching. They both plant and trade punches evenly, then Pettis clips the incoming Melendez with a punch and sneaks in a quick body kick. Melendez puts him back on the fence and steps away with a hard left to the liver. Pettis cracks Melendez in the jaw with a quick-release front kick that lands with the ball of the foot. Pettis catches Melendez with two lefts on his way in, then falls back for a guillotine when Melendez shoots. Pettis has it deep and Melendez taps out after Pettis sweeps into top control and wrenches the choke.

  • Anthony Pettis defeats Gilbert Melendez by submission (mounted guillotine choke) R2 1:53

Travis Browne vs. Brendan Schaub

R1: Schaub with a hesitant inside low kick as Browne walks him into a corner. Schaub's right cross backs Browne off. Browne nearly catches a Schaub left kick but can't do anything with it. Schaub tries to follow an uppercut into a clinch but Browne flings him away with the double collar tie. Schaub fights off the fence with a double jab but eats a cleaner jab from Browne on the reset. Schaub ducks his head and heaves a right, and this time hits a double leg after a little work.

Browne slips free but Schaub stays on him, executing a waist lock throw that Browne nearly reverses; Schaub almost takes Browne's back in the scramble. Browne hand-fights his way out of the rear waist cinch and then dings Schaub with an uppercut as he's coming in with his head down. Browne rains down a few hammer-fists and then passes to full mount, smashing Schaub with a punch once he gets there. A Browne left hand forces Schaub onto his stomach and Browne flattens him out before loosening another barrage of punches. Schaub tries to squirm free but ends up covering his head with both hands, causing the ref to wave it off.

  • Travis Browne defeats Brendan Schaub by TKO (punches) R1 4:50

Todd Duffee vs. Anthony Hamilton

R1: Duffee unbolts a one-two that backs Hamilton up. Hamilton dangerously leaning in and down with his arms outstretched. And Duffee makes him pay for it by plastering him with a coma-inducing one-two combo that puts Hamilton out on impact.

  • Todd Duffee defeats Anthony Hamilton by KO (punches) R1 0:33

Tony Ferguson vs. Abel Trujillo

R1: Ferguson lands an inside low kick and Trujillo answers with a charging three-punch combo. Ferguson switches to southpaw and lands a left kick to the body. Trujillo sits down on a counter right hook and it plasters Ferguson, causing him to stumble back. Trujillo swarms with wild punches and Ferguson is able to gather his wits and reset in the center. Trujillo hits a reactive takedown and Ferguson works from his back to his feet. Trujillo backpedals and bursts forward with a step-in right that wobbles Ferguson momentarily.

Trujillo secures another double leg and showers down some serious ground-and-pound. Ferguson withstands the barrage and boots Trujillo off to make enough room to stand back up. Ferguson bores a right cross through but takes a glancing right hook counter from Trujillo. Long, snapping jabs from Ferguson, who's still moving forward in hot pursuit. Ferguson's output and accuracy increases as Trujillo's wanes. 10-9 Trujillo.

R2: Trujillo backs Ferguson off with a quick burst; Ferguson responds with a flurry. Ferguson, who's continuously changing stances, switches to southpaw and lands a right, then an inside low kick. Trujillo shoots a labored takedown and Ferguson shuts it down with the front headlock, flirts with a D'arce choke and then takes Trujillo's back. A little too aggressively, Ferguson transitions to an armbar from back control but slips out of position. Trujillo can't secure top position before Ferguson squirts loose, then can't stop Ferguson's immediate double leg.

Trujillo takes a knee and stands back up, hitting a body-lock takedown. Ferguson bounces off the canvas and stands right back up, then snaps Trujillo's head down easily in the clinch and transitions to back control. Ferguson grapevines the outside leg and throws punches while changing position and slipping in both hooks. Ferguson jumps on a rear-naked choke once he's secured full back mount and Trujillo taps.

  • Tony Ferguson defeats Abel Trujillo by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 4:19

Fox Prelims

Urijah Faber vs. Francisco Rivera

R1: Faber flits in and out with quick rights while Rivera stays poised to counter with something big. Rivera finally flings out a seemingly anticlimactic one-two until he follows up with a heavy left to the chin that freezes Faber. Faber distracts with two rights to set up a takedown but Rivera is wise to it. Rivera throws a left and right kick from distance. Faber's pace goes from aggressive and pressuring to more measured after Rivera has held his ground.

Jab/hook combo lands for Faber, then a teep. Rivera lands an inside low kick before shutting down another of Faber's takedown attempts. Rivera plugs a trio of reactive right hands into Faber's face. Right low kick to the upper thigh lands for Rivera, who bounces Faber out of the pocket on consecutive occasions with thunderous one-twos. Rivera thwarts another takedown attempt and finishes the round throwing hands. 10-9 Rivera.

R2: Faber continues to lead with his low left hand despite Rivera's countering prowess. Faber stuns him with a phantom punch and then swarms as Rivera goes down. Frantic right hands for Faber as Rivera covers up, and "The California Kid" finishes with our second schoolyard choke of the night.

  • Urijah Faber defeats Francisco Rivera by submission (bulldog choke) R2 1:34

Eddie Gordon vs. Josh Samman

R1: Gordon counters a Samman low kick with a takedown attempt but Samman transitions from a double into a single leg to turn the tables. Gordon is back up quickly and he motions that he took a knee below the belt in the ensuing exchange. Referee Herb Dean steps in and Gordon's ready to go after a short pause, nearly catching a Samman kick and then reversing his double-leg attempt with a counter throw. Samman with a full, open guard, then he closes it. It's an underhook and ineffectual right hands around the head for Samman, but he's keeping Gordon from offering any threatening offense.

Now a few short lefts to the ribs are fired from Gordon. After a prolonged stalemate, the ref stands them up just past the halfway mark. Gordon nearly lands a counter shot on Samman's left kick, then does when Samman throws another. Samman presses forward aggressively with a left/right kick combo but Gordon uses his momentum against him by changing levels for a double leg. Gordon postures up and throws a hard elbow but his short and steady shots are interrupted by Samman, who's looking to isolate an arm. 10-9 Gordon.

R2: Samman flings out a switch front kick and Gordon counters with a right, then Samman stays on the trigger with a low kick that sweeps out Gordon's footing. Samman gets a little overzealous in his attack and tries to transition to back control, allowing Gordon to reverse position. Samman's activity from guard forces Gordon to bury his head into Samman's chest and hold a body lock. Gordon is able to steer Samman's head on the fence, which reduces the threat of Samman's following armbar attempt.

Herb Dean separates them at the two-minute mark and Samman erupts into a devastating left switch kick, and the classic shin-to-chin impact parts Gordon from consciousness instantly.

  • Josh Samman defeats Eddie Gordon by KO (head kick) R2 3:08

Corey Anderson vs. Justin Jones

R1: Anderson lands the first clean shot with a left body kick after some even exchanges. Lunging left hook for Jones is blocked but Jones tags him with a hard left after Anderson resets. Anderson ducks under a Jones left and looks for a takedown but Jones halts it with a guillotine attempt. Anderson lands a flurry on the clinch break. Anderson clinches up with a knee and puts Jones on the fence. Anderson steps back and sails forward with a knee to the body.

Jones, though breathing heavily, stands his ground and throws heavy punches. Anderson shoots a double leg and completes it though Jones pops right back up and thuds two thunderous knees to Anderson's body. Jones lands a left kick to the body and a left hand before Anderson hits another takedown. Anderson goes high in the half guard of Jones but Jones' head control allows him to stand back up. 10-9 Anderson.

R2: Jones sneaks in a retreating left hook. Jones winds up on a body kick and Anderson jams it, pushing Jones onto the fence. They break shortly after and Jones keeps the pressure on with lefts, rights and a sharp low kick. Anderson times a level change and explodes into a single leg, again succeeding in getting Jones down but not in keeping him there. Jones goes showtime with a jumping knee from the double collar tie, then a series of jackhammer right hands to the body in the clinch.

Jones comes up the middle with a knee as Anderson goes over the top with a right hand. They split and Anderson glances with a right cross. A pair of stiff outside low kicks to the thigh land for Jones. Make it a third. Two snapping jabs from Anderson. Another nasty low kick from Jones. Anderson ties him up and holds him on the fence with the 50/50 clinch before nailing a takedown. Gotta go 10-9 Anderson though Jones landed some heavy shots.

R3: Jones sets up a hard low kick with two lefts. Anderson locks horns and lands knees to the body from the double collar tie. Anderson locks his hands and hoists Jones into the air but settles for a pedestrian takedown rather than the big slam after Jones hooks a leg in. Anderson goes to the front headlock to stifle Jones' escape and manages to suffocate Jones on the fence as he tries to stand back up.

Jones powers his way up and Anderson wings a rugged Muay Thai spinning back elbow. Jones tries to keep Anderson off with the guillotine to no avail, and ends up on his back again. Anderson gets wrist control and starts to work for a Paintbrush in the half guard of Jones. Unable to isolate it, Anderson closes the round dropping forearms. 10-9 Anderson. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Corey Anderson defeats Justin Jones by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 30-26)

Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Raquel Pennington

R1: Pennington pivots left while looking for her jab. Evans-Smith closes distance and Pennington clinches up. Evans-Smith circles off the fence but can't secure the body lock. Pennington fends it off but Evans-Smith resets and turns the corner on a single leg to complete it. Evans-Smith passes to half guard and seeks to continue into side mount. Pennington stops the pass but can't do much else. Cross-neck from Evans-Smith on top.

Pennington threatens with a high guard and double wrist control and Evans-Smith slams her way out, but it gives Pennington room to scramble free. Pennington slips out of the headlock and attacks the waist of Evans-Smith, then slashes a few short elbows to the face. Pennington bleeding profusely from what Joe Rogan explains was from a knee. Evans-Smith circles off the fence and Pennington counters with a short knee from the Thai plum. Evans-Smith answers with two knees to the body and Pennington nails a takedown, then thwacks Evans-Smith with a knee to the face on her way back up. Pennington ties on a schoolyard choke and it's deep; Evans-Smith looks to go out as the bell rings. 10-9 Pennington if the fight hasn't already been stopped.

  • Raquel Pennington defeats Ashlee Evans-Smith by submission (bulldog choke) R1 4:59

Fight Pass Prelims

Matt Hobar vs. Sergio Pettis

R1: Pettis gets plastered by a wide left hook from Hobar and takes a seat. He's back up quickly but Hobar stuffs another left in his mouth. Now Pettis zings a right cross through Hobar's guard. Hobar eats another cross and it inspires him to change levels and hit a double leg. Pettis gets strong head control while opening and closing his guard sporadically. Pettis tries to boot Hobar off but can't, then catches Hobar on his way back down with a sharp up-kick. Pettis rolls into a no-arm triangle and lands another short up-kick after Hobar frees himself.

Pettis lands two heel kicks off his back and then half completes an ankle-pick sweep to create space to stand. Pettis switches stances, blocks a high kick and then slices a short right through. Hobar nearly catches a Pettis front kick but can't keep control of it. Hobar with an inside low kick. Spinning roundhouse kick for Pettis is just off. Pettis catches Hobar's front kick but Hobar scrambles into the front headlock on the transition but doesn't have enough time. 10-9 Pettis.

R2: Pettis catches Hobar's left kick and plants one of his own directly to Hobar's jaw. Hobar shoots a single and Petts limp-legs out, then lands a right high kick. Pettis tees off on Hobar with a straight right and another downstairs. Pettis pounces with another volley and Hobar falls onto his back, rolling for a loose armbar to slow Pettis down. Hobar overhooks both of Pettis' hands to stem the tide, then gets solid head control to stabilize himself.

Pettis catches his breath and flings a right elbow. With nothing cooking, they're stood back up and Pettis tags him with another right. Front kick to the body is there for Hobar. Another right cross for Pettis, then a follow-up right that glances off Hobar's chin. Hobar catches a Pettis kick and converts it into a single leg. With one minute left, Pettis gets a high closed guard but only succeeds in slowing Hobar's striking output. Pettis swivels for a triangle, then lands an up-kick after Hobar pops his head free. 10-9 Pettis.

R3: Hobar connects first with a probing one-two. Pettis lands a right and Hobar answers. Hobar shoots and Pettis stuffs it. Hobar barely misses with a short kick as Pettis is ducking. No dice on another takedown attempt from Hobar. Though nothing momentous is landed, Pettis dances around on the fringe and dots Hobar up with quick counters. Hobar keeps throwing his hands, grazing Pettis with a left. Hobar misses a high kick but lands a short shot. Pettis switches stances and comes back with two quick jabs, then shuts down another Hobar takedown. Pettis throws a jumping switch kick to the body. Hobar closes on the round in on a single leg. 10-9 Pettis. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Sergio Pettis defeats Matt Hobar by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

Clay Collard vs. Alex White

R1: Collard has a low kick blocked but follows up with a jumping low/high switch kick on alternating sides. They both plant and heave leather and it's Collard who scores to the body. Collard again gets the better end of an exchange, targeting the body. White answers with a left cross to the body in open space. White lands downstairs again, then counters Collard's counter body shot with a left kick that Collard nearly ducks into. White now keying on Collard's steady forward lines with short punches off his back foot. Collard pieces together 5-6 punches and finds the mark on the latter few in aggressive fashion.

Collard catches an unintentional kick to the cup but he doesn't need a pause. Collard jogs into a left hand as White punishes him for his predictable entry with a straight shot. Collard tries another jumping double kick on opposite sides before dodging a wild spinning back fist from White. Collard tries to answer with one of his own but White rushes him and jams the strike. Collard closes the frame with a spinning hook kick that's blocked. Close round but I give White a tight edge in the striking duel. 10-9 White.

R2: Collard loops out a retreating left hook to close an exchange and it wobbles White. Collard pounces, looking to take White's back on the fence but White sneaks out the back door. White sacrifices top position for a heel hook but it's too loose and Collard squirts loose. Now it's a lead left hook that Collard catches White clean with. Quick-release right cross lands for Collard, who's found his rhythm by abandoning the straight-line rush.

Collard continues to plug his fists through holes in White's defense and his methodical strategy is paying off. White shoots a double leg and gets stuffed, and Collard cleverly drops back for a triangle choke off the ensuing scramble. With a minute left, Collard has the choke cinched and looks to pull the head down to finish. White slips out after a struggle and Collard tags him with a left hand in the closing sequence. 10-9 Collard.

R3: White sneaks in a lunging right hook, then pressures with a combination as Collard retreats out of range. White lands a front kick as the pace becomes much more calculating on both sides. White whiffs a spinning back fist but lands a front-leg side kick. Collard changes levels on White's next entry and White digs in an underhook to stay upright and lands a knee to the body.

White connects on a stiff front kick to the gut to close an exchange but Collard responds with a successful double leg a moment later. White slings a leg over, looking for a triangle, but settles for a series of hammer-fists before Collard slips his head out. White glances with a spinning back kick but finds the mark with another front kick to the breadbasket. White nails a takedown to close out the frame. 10-9 White in another close one. I have it 29-28 his way, though the first round could've gone either way.

  • Clay Collard defeats Alex White by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)