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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Pettis reveals new Showtime time travel technique

Showtime travel?

What's up fight fans? I'm the radio edit of your favorite song on the radio of mixed martial arts Tommy Toe Hold. Welcome to another exclusive episode of the Tommy Toe Hold Show (TTTHS) brought to you by SB Nation. Today: I talk to Not Anthony Pettis about time travel, cereal boxes, and what constitutes a comfortable pillow to lay down your head.

I've always been fascinated with the Showtime kick for a few reasons. First, Anthony Pettis managed to actually make it happen in a fight. Secondly, it was something that he practiced so that he could actually make it happen in a fight. When I read recently that Pettis was working on other showtime techniques I chuckled at the possibilities. The training that went into creating them. And then I let my imagination go wild with his answer in this interview. Enjoy, fight fans!