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Titan CEO Jeff Aronson says rumors that CBS canceled their TV deal are false

Titan FC CEO, Jeff Aronson puts rumors to rest that CBS Sports canceled their TV deal, discusses AeroFest, a week-long philanthropic festival culminating with Titan's most ambitious fight card.

Titan FC has had a pretty awesome year under the helm of CEO Jeff Aronson. The promotion, once a small regional affair, has ventured all over the United States and landed a very sweet TV deal for themselves. Now, with the end of 2014 coming to a close, looking at the future and the bevvy of opportunities for new TV deals is a task Aronson is meeting head on.

In a recent interview with Bloody Elbow, Aronson put to rest the rumor that CBS has canceled his network deal as a result of dropping their February show, and discussed Titan's upcoming AeroFest card and activities set up around that event. Here's what he had to say:

We never had that show officially booked. We were looking at doing a February event, but we never booked a location or locked a venue in at any point. Our contract with CBS Sports isn't complete until after the AeroFest card, which will be the last fight card on that deal. We even have an extension to do another 14 shows with them, should we choose to do so.

Just 11 months ago, Titan was an obscure, regional promotion that wasn't signing fighters and had no TV deal. Today, we're mentioned up there with the top 3 or 4 promotions. Are we 3? Are we 4? I don't know. Are we making leaps and bounds in the right direction? 100%. We're diligently working to continue moving forward.

While other promotions sleep, we sign. I'm up most nights working on deals for new fight contracts, content partnerships, international shows, digital media and television platform solutions. It's a constant machine in perpetual motion, and I don't think most people realize what a huge undertaking it is to run a sizable promotion like this.

Then we have the AeroFest event, which just keeps getting bigger and bigger, so we decided to focus our full attention on that event, which is in March. It's a week-long festival with big name bands, our fight card, entertainment from the culinary and art community as well as from the military community. It's a pretty big deal and it's all about raising money and awareness for our wounded veterans.

We're also putting on a fitness program that week featuring our athletes. We'll be assisting with their onsite Hero Games. We're going to be out there the entire week for the festival and the culmination of it all will be our fight card, which will feature 3 or 4 title fights. It will be our biggest, most ambitious card, with 13 or 14 fights on the schedule that night.

There was just way too much to do with this festival to be able to properly devote the time to put on a quality card in February. I mean there's 45 bands, massive cook-offs and food vendors...the Mobile Transit Authority is even one of the major backers for the event.

Aronson's business associate and longtime friend, Lex McMahon is a retired Marine, and helps stoke the philanthropic fires within Titan that keep them enmeshed with several charitable organizations.

Through my friend, Lex McMahon, who is a retired Marine, I've had the opportunity to meet people like Lee Stuckey who runs A Hero Foundation, which is this incredible foundation that provides a variety of social and outreach programs that allow these wounded vets to go on excursions like fishing and hunting trips, camping, etc. It's like a brotherhood.

When you listen to Lee talk about the statistics, the amount of vets that have been killed in war over the last 10 years versus the amount of vets that have taken their own lives, I think it's like 10 times the amount per year. Those guys are out there on the front lines. They are the true fighters, the heroes. It's an honor to be able to help with this cause and I'm happy to do whatever I can to assist them in their very honorable work with these vets.

Titan has recently signed a couple more UFC vets in lightweight standout, Pat Healy and TUF lightning rod, Cody Bollinger, who are both expected to be matched up in possible  bouts against, Mike Ricci and Kurt Holobaugh, respectively. Current Titan light heavyweight champ, Vinny Magalhaes is set to defend his belt on the same card as well as a title bout featuring Walel Watson vs Brett Johns. John Madsen is expected to fight for the inaugural Titan heavyweight belt. For more information about AeroFest, check out this link.

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