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CM Punk to train in Roufusport alongside Anthony Pettis and Ben Askren

CM Punk has decided where to have his training camps, joining Roufusport to train alongside UFC champ Anthony Pettis and Ben Askren.

Photo by Esther Lin

CM Punk has chosen a fight team, and according to Dana White, the former pro-wrestling superstar will be training just a few minutes away from his Chicago home. The UFC President confirmed the long rumored news in an appearance on Fox Sports, stating that his latest high profile signing will be hosting camp with Roufusport in Milwaukee.

"He's now picked a training camp. I'm pretty sure he's going to be training with Anthony Pettis the 155-pound champion and his team," Dana White said, "We're going to see how he progresses in training, then we'll go from there."

Apart from the UFC lightweight champ, Roufusport is also home to Olympic wrestler and top welterweight, Ben Askren. Interestingly enough, although he says he has no problems with CM Punk, the former Bellator champ was very critical of the UFC's decision to sign the pro-wrestler.

The camp's head coach in Duke Roufus is a highly regarded trainer, especially in the striking department. The success they've had at the highest level is undeniable, but his camp has been mired on a bit of controversy as of late.

Following a death of a Roufusport kickboxer, several high profile former members of the team have spoken out against their training practices. Duke of course, has defended himself and his gym after these allegations.

With Punk stating that a top priority was finding an environment where people aren't out to intentionally 'hurt the pro-wrestler', it seems like he's comfortable enough with what he has seen in Roufusport to make the commitment.

Punk will be appearing in a Q&A on Friday, right before the UFC 182 weigh-ins, and more news on his training are expected to be made by then.

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