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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Sanchez gets his car back, UFC 182, snapchat

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"Tomorrow at 5:15 pm I turn 33 it sounds old but really I don't feel old at all. 2015 I'm going all in"  -Diego Sanchez

"Every1 keeps saying they want 2 C me fight Magana. I only want 2 fight the best! I dont get anything out of fighting trash. "  -Heather Clark

"This will be a 2 minute Demolition Job."  -Conor McGregor, now calling time instead of rounds.

"I would like to thank @ufc @seanshelby joe silva and @danawhite for the opportunity I was givin to fulfill a dream!"  -Isaac Vallie-Flagg

"Hey @ScottCoker you guys need anybody over at @BellatorMMA who comes to scrap every fight?"  -Isaac Vallie-Flagg

"Was released fr today. Looking forward to starting the next chapter. Thx to my supporters!"  -Charlie Brenneman

"Not showing off jus motivation my moms 1st gift, new car!!!"  -Anthony Pettis

"Dude @Showtimepettis you brought your mom a house and a car for Christmas!? Much respect"  -Jon Jones



"@Benaskren you know what's more embarrassing then losing to me? Never getting to the ufc cause you put fans to sleep. Have fun in @ONEFCMMA"  -Matthew Riddle


UFC 182

"Hey guys, I'm sorry this week is actually not the best time to be texting me, allow me to focus on this huge task at hand. I would appreciate it if you would just hit me up after the win #flooded"  -Jon Jones

"I love attacking people at their own strengths. Let's embrace the grind DC"  -Jon Jones, not sure if that would be a good idea.

"That sumsit up. RT @psytanto: @JonnyBones what the fuck @danhendo ever done you? Dis Dan to get your point across shows ur a immature condescending arrogant fucking prick."  -Dan Henderson, who's been called a 60-year-old.



This is gonna be a big year #2015 #goals #blessed #temporaryforevers #teampettis

A photo posted by Anthony Pettis (@showtimepettis) on

"@Showtimepettis make sure you eat your wheaties. When I finally get you in the cage your not going to be able to run anymore @danawhite"  -Khabib Nurmagomedov



"Well there you go witness answered prayer. Thanks to everybody's help the Audi was recovered on blocks with the rims and tires going gone"  -Diego Sanchez

"I find out in the morning if he knew how to drive a 400+ horsepower car "  -Diego Sanchez

"All day I drove around found 3 sightings I had my fight mentality while fasting on the thieves settled for a pair"  -Diego Sanchez, can someone translate this for me?

"I'm guessing the thieves were fans because exactly 20 minutes after my interview aired the car was found with no rims on blocks"  -Diego Sanchez



"I just got a snapchat add me. kelgas170"  -Kelvin Gastelum

"@KelvinGastelum dangerous tweet lol"  -Cub Swanson

"@CubSwanson wait is this a case where I don't know what I'm doing? I've never had snapchat"  -Kelvin Gastelum

"@KelvinGastelum Don't send out any nudes and you'll be ok "  -Cub Swanson

"haha ok"  -Kelvin Gastelum



@jessicaminter @benhortonstudio

A photo posted by Vanessa Hanson (@vanessahanson) on

#ModelMonday Christmas morning modeling our new PJ's that Santa brought us.. #buttflapFTW

A photo posted by NatashaWicks (@natashawicks) on

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