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UFC 182: Jon Jones doesn't care if you think he's fake because he wins fights

UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones weighs in on being viewed as a "fake."

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last couple weeks, the buildup to UFC 182 has been pretty intense. The marketing machine behind Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier has been exceptional, and shows that when the UFC braintrust wants to, they can do a top notch job selling a fight card.

Now that the media rounds have begun in earnest, both Jones and Cormier have become quote gold for the masses. In a recent interview with FOX Sports' Damon Martin, Jones responded to fan outcry that he is "fake." Cormier has also echoed this sentiment. Jones' response is pretty direct and simple.

"I just learned to let go.  When I read my comments on Twitter and Instagram, I realize I really do inspire people and touch people and people really do appreciate who I am as a martial artist.  Then when I read some of the people who leave me negative messages, it's always so dumb.  It's like 'dude, you're fake'. I've been hearing that I'm fake for so many years.  It's like who cares If I'm fake?  I win fights," Jones said on Monday.  "That's what I'm here to do.  I'm not here to win you over with my personality.  I'm here to fight.  That's ultimately my job."

"I've learned to kind of laugh at it.  I'm just waiting for the person to hate me who gives me a legit answer or reason and no one has ever really given me anything solid.  What are we in high school?  I'm a grown man," Jones said.  "You can't call my work ethic fake and my wins fake.  I just find it funny.

"If that's the best thing you got on me, you sound like a girl calling me fake."

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