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War Machine has 2012 probation revoked; judge reinstates 1½ - 4 year prison term

Jon Koppenhaver aka War Machine has had his 2012 probation revoked; judge invokes original 1½ - 4 year prison sentence.

In the latest chronicles of Jon Koppenhaver aka War Machine vs. the United States legal system, a new development has taken place. In a report from ABC News, a judge revoked his probation yesterday and has invoked a 1 1/2 - 4 year sentence she had originally suspended in 2012. The probation was conditional on his not leaving Nevada, however, during his stint of evading arrest in August, he left the state and was eventually captured in a Los Angeles hotel.

Koppenhaver faces trial in mid February and has entered a "Not Guilty" plea to the 34 felony charges that have been levied against him in the wake of the brutal assault of his ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack. He faces a possible life sentence for the charges. The Clark County judge that originally administered his probation in 2012 also ordered Koppenhaver to undergo anger management classes, substance abuse counseling and that he submit to random steroid testing.

His attorney, Brandon Sua, said yesterday that Koppenhaver doesn't dispute that he left the state without permission. Sua said the prison sentence had no immediate practical effect since his client already is being held without bail in isolation at the Clark County jail.

In October, it was reported by officials at the Clark County Detention Center that Koppenhaver had tried to commit suicide via self-strangulation (he tied cloth around his neck and then to his bunk in the attempt). A suicide note was also found in his cell.

As always, Bloody Elbow will keep our readers updated on this story as more information becomes available.

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