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Cung Le looking for release from the UFC following drug test fiasco

One of the UFC's most notable stars is looking for his exit from the promotion.

via Anton Tabuena

Cung Le is not happy. Stemming from his fight with Michael Bisping back in August of this year, the former Strikeforce champion's relationship with the UFC has been rocky, to say the least. Following the headlining bout in Macao, the UFC's self run drug testing program threw up a positive result for hGH in Le's sample. The UFC, not understanding that those results were effectively meaningless given the type of testing that their contracted lab was performing, moved immediately to punish Le and suspend him for a full year for his assumed actions.

Then, the reports of just how unreliable and inconclusive the results of Le's test were started to surface, and the UFC, in a short press release, announced that Le's suspension would be lifted. But, the damage to his reputation had been done, by announcers before hand, and journalists afterward. Le had been painted as an obvious cheater who got caught trying to game a barely functional system. And in the middle of it all, the truth often got buried under a wave of "he got off on a loophole, or a technicality."

And for Le's part, he's figured out where the problem lies, with the UFC, and now he's asked for his release. He announced the decision on the podcast, Gross Point Blank, to reporter Josh Gross. (transcript via MMA Fighting)

"I'd just prefer not to be part of the UFC anymore," Le told Gross. "I'd prefer not to put the effort into something I don't believe in anymore."
"If I would fight for anyone, it would be Scott Coker," Le said. "I would not fight for the UFC after what happened."

It's hard to see whether or not Le will get his release. The UFC has generally had a positive track record with releasing fighters from matching periods at the end of their contracts, when fighters wanted to leave, however they haven't necessarily been as easy going with fighters looking for a way out in the middle of their deal. Cung Le may have legitimate gripe, but it's one that could effectively ice what's left of his career.

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