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Jose Aldo says he will have a talk with the UFC about his pay

After multiple claims about his pay, Jose Aldo said that he'll have a discussion with the UFC about the subject.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The public displeasure about his pay may end in a salary raise for Jose Aldo. The UFC Featherweight champion has complained multiple times about his earnings, claiming that he deserves to make more money and, according to him, he will have a conversation about this subject with the UFC. Here's his quote in an interview for Globo.

"We'll have a talk about this soon and then I'll be able to speak better about it. We always want to improve our situation. An athlete needs to seek this kind of evolution. Not only in MMA but at any other sport. I surely can say that in MMA we make the show happen, we deliver and we deserve to be well paid."

UFC President Dana White has not yet responded Aldo's critical view, even though this is the fourth time this year that the champion publicly asked for a raise. When Renan Barao called for better pay, Dana reacted poorly and Aldo's training partner retreated on the request.

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