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UFC 182: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 'Bad Blood' Full Video

Watch the entire video from UFC 182: Bad Blood featuring Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

Zuffa has released the entire video of Bad Blood: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier to promote the highly anticipated light heavyweight title clash at UFC 182. The episode is narrated by Anthony Bourdain and it goes in-depth at the rivalry and animosity between the two top caliber mixed martial artists.

Watch the full clip above.

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The match up between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former Olympian Daniel Cormier clash is more than just a clash between two elite competitors. The rivalry between these two top-tier opponents has devolved into a vicious dislike on a deeply personal level. Find out what turned these two elite athletes into bitter enemies, and how it will shape their fight at UFC 182, when each will face the toughest test of their career.

After months of hype stemming from that infamous brawl last August, Jones and Cormier will finally lock horns this Saturday on January 3rd.

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