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Mark Wahlberg’s winning strategy for gambling on UFC fights: I bet on a lot of repeat fights

Famed Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg discusses his cunning betting strategy for UFC fights.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of the release of his new movie "The Gambler," Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg sat down with USA Today Sports' For The Win and revealed a winning strategy when betting on UFC fights with friends.

The Boston native, who learned a little martial arts after starring in the move "The Fighter," applied tactics that would certainly not work on the hardcore fanbase in MMA, but seemingly helped him profit off gullible friends.

"I'm not that big when it comes to gambling unless I know I have a chance to win," Wahlberg explained (via "The thing that I used to bet on with my friends was repeats of the UFC fights, and I already knew the outcome. These guys that I'm working with don't know the outcome. They say, ‘Oh, I like this guy with the blue shorts.' I tell them no problem and to take the guy with the blue shorts (laughs).

"I'll take Georges St- Pierre."

It appears that Wahlberg, who claims he is not a big gambler, is far more interested in trickery than he is in fair, well-thought out betting lines.

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