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Anthony Pettis celebrates Christmas by purchasing his mother a new house and car

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis celebrated the holidays by purchasing a new house and car for his beloved mother.

Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Generally speaking, everyone wishes to be a good son to their beloved mother. However, this does not mean everyone does so, at least on a consistent basis. Whatever the case may be, it is always heartwarming to see the matriarchal bond celebrated, as was the case on Christmas Day with Anthony Pettis and his own mother.

Pettis, who tragically lost his father eleven years ago, was raised by his mother throughout that period along with his brother Sergio. Considering the bond between the family, Pettis' presents to his mother seem even more heartwarming now.

You can watch his mother's reaction to the gifts below:

Not showing off jus motivation my moms 1st gift, new car!!! #merryxmas #shecried #blessed

A video posted by Anthony Pettis (@showtimepettis) on

Hard work pays off gift #2 #newhouse #merryxmas #blessed #madeinmilwaukee

A video posted by Anthony Pettis (@showtimepettis) on

Tears of joy!!! Merry Christmas everyone.... #madeapromise #shedeservestheworld #blessed

A video posted by Anthony Pettis (@showtimepettis) on

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