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BE's Baddest Greatest Striker Tournament: #1 Jose Aldo vs. #8 Maurice Smith

Vote now in the Bloody Elbow Baddest Tournament to determine the Greatest MMA Striker of All Time. Today's match-up: #1 Jose Aldo vs. #8 Maurice Smith. Vote now!

June M. Williams

Quick programming note - We'll be off from voting tomorrow for Christmas, then returning Friday to close out the opening round with the battle of Chute Boxe: Wanderlei vs. Shogun!

So here was my plan for this week: post an easy one sided fight for a few days in a row, allowing me to write up the next day and just assume that I knew who would win. I am writing this Tuesday night, and, amazingly, I don't know who is going to win between #2 Anthony Pettis and #7 Igor Vovchanchyn. Surely a 2 vs 7 match up would provide little drama, right? Wrong. This is a close battle, and you'll just have to check back later to find out who took it home.

Today, basically everything I said about Pettis vs. Vovchanchyn applies once again. Clash of MMA eras. Current UFC champion. Old school opponent. Another unexpected close battle brewing? This time, it's #1 seed Jose Aldo vs. #8 seed, former UFC Heavyweight champion Maurice Smith. Winner gets Carlos Condit. Loser gets a set of steak knives.

In order to vote, simply leave a comment. In the subject line make sure you follow these guidelines:

To vote for Jose Aldo write: Vote - Aldo

To vote for Maurice Smith write: Vote - Smith

Voting is open for 24 hours, so get your votes in now.

Updated tournament bracket (click to enlarge):
BADDEST Striker Rd 1-14
Thanks to June M. Williams for the tournament bracket graphic.

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