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Jose Aldo plans to hit McGregor a lot, ranks Mendes above Conor, Edgar and Lamas

"The Scarface" isn't sure if the Irishman has already earned a title fight but wants this match.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo has his idea of who he wants as the next challenger for his UFC Featherweight belt. The champion said last Friday during the Q&A session that he wants to face Conor McGregor, whether the Irishman is deserving or not. transcribed the quotes.

"I don't know if McGregor will have credentials to fight for the title if he beats Dennis Siver but I hope he does. It's going to be a great fight and I expect him to be my next opponent. It motivates me a lot because he talks a lot, the whole thing gets heated. I really hope to be him the next challenger, so I'll hit him a lot. He just beat a very tough guy but I can't see Dustin Poirier inside the division's top 5, once he lost everytime he faced someone before having a title shot. But Conor is a good athlete and he can mix both sides talking a lot. If he wasn't talking, he wouldn't be here at this point."

Aldo also gave his thoughts about the opposition that he faces at the Featherweight division and praised Chad Mendes.

"The division has been in a good mix, mostly after Conor's appearance. All contenders are great fighters. It's hard to see Frankie Edgar losing but I see Mendes ahead of Edgar, Conor and Ricardo Lamas. In the future I'm sure that I'll fight these three but obviously the most anticipated one is against Conor and that's the fight that we are working for. But I see Chad above them at this moment. He could beat all of them at the same night."

Set to face Siver on January 18, McGregor is the only contender mentioned by Aldo that still hasn't had a shot for the UFC 145-pound belt. Mendes twice, Edgar and Lamas failed to beat the champion previously.

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