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C.B. Dollaway disappointed with loss: I was basically paralyzed after Lyoto Machida’s kick

Middleweight C.B. Dollaway revealed that he was rendered useless after Lyoto Machida landed the body kick in the opening round of their main event on Saturday.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

After working his way into a marquee match-up that could have thrust him into the upper echelon of the division, C.B. Dollaway is disappointed with the less-than-stellar outcome against Lyoto Machida.

"The Doberman" hoped to extend his UFC win streak to 3-0 in the final UFC fight of 2014, but was quickly hit with a liver kick that left him "basically paralyzed."

"I thought it was going to go to my head and he slipped it under my elbow," Dollaway said in the post-fight press conference in Brazil. "I thought I had it covered and took a step back, tried to take a breath and was basically paralyzed. It's a disappointing loss."

With the loss to Machida, Dollaway drops to 4-2 in his last six UFC fights and ends his two-fight win streak over Cezar Ferreira and Francis Carmont. He will resume training and look to get back to his winning ways in 2015.

"I think it's just a liver kick, but it's starting to feel a little worse now that the adrenaline is wearing off," he said, "but hopefully it's just a liver kick and I'll be back in training soon and be ready to fight again."

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