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MMA on Instagram: OMG Look at Dana White's AMAZING Vacation

MMA stalker Katie Winter couldn't help but notice Dana White's amazing vacation on a Fijian island for the past week or so. It looks pretty fantastic so here are the pics to add to your holiday cheer.

Anton Tabuena

Welcome to a super special MMA on Instagram. Normally, I would see a fighter/MMA person is on vacation because they would post a few pics and I would include them in my normal post and everyone would think, "That's nice". But when Dana White starting posting pics from his Fiji island vacation, I was so fascinated that I wanted to include them all! This seems to have been very much a family trip, with Dana bringing his three kids and their surf instructor, along with a renowned surf photographer to record all the surfing fun.

The island, Namotu, is tiny and is taken up completely by a tiny resort, so it's not uncommon for someone to come in and reserve all the bures on the island for their group/family/etc. (I'm pretty sure this is what Dana did - they had a good-sized group). The main activities on the island are surfing, fishing, kitesurfing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunning, relaxing, eating, drinking, reading, being awesome, posting Instagram pics, making your friends jealous, pretending you'd actually quit your day job to live here, watching UFC Fight Night, etc. It's gorgeous and you can check for upcoming availability RIGHT HERE. In the meantime, check out what Dana did and try to pretend you were there, too!

Namotu is described as "Fiji Islands Premier boutique water sports Resort". You can visit their website at

Here is the island from above: "My life for the next 7 days #namotu we are pumped to surf with u @kellyslater kick some ass and get over here!!!"

Whereas the one time I went to Fiji, I stayed on an island without electricity, Dana has a pretty sweet setup here and isn't missing UFC Fight Night. Maybe a PPV card would be more difficult…: "Pretty cool watching #UFC with the boss man himself @danawhiteufc @namotu @joshku #namotulifeguards"

The TV at the bar on the island: "Thank god for @ufcfightpass and @foxsports1 !!! @namotu #surfing"

The staff on Namotu seems to be quite fond of Dana: "Contracts in the mail he says hahaha! So happy to sink tins with a realist! @danawhiteufc"

Here's Dana with the surf photographer. I don't think Dana used enough sunscreen.: "Burnt and buzzed with one of the BADDEST surf photog's on earth @stugibson #namotu @namotu"

Party!!!: "Me and my boys in @namotu @_veet_ @oliverrobertblack gettin FUCKED UP!!! #donamotu #besttripever"

The food looks pretty good there!: "So many fish , delish! @stugibson @_veet_ @dolphinexcursionshawaii @joshku @hangzensurfschool @oliverrobertblack for our week @danawhiteufc vinaka !"

Fishes!: "Over 100lb Tuna #namotu @stugibson @danaiiiwhite12"

That is one big fish: "Caught some monsters @aw_29 @stugibson #namotu"

More my-sized fish: "She got one too #namotu @stugibson"

Here are some of the surfing pics from the week: "Ku eee hanging 5 at #wilkes on the @mulletboards @stugibson @_veet_ @joshku @danawhiteufc week #namotulifeguards"

Surfing warmup: "Getting warmed up out here before the big ones hit later. @danaiiiwhite12 #namotu"

Savannah surfing: "Savanna and Scotty @surfzen another great day in #namotu @stugibson"

Here's Aidan: "Another perfect day on #namotu @aw_29"

There were a lot of perfect days: "Another perfect day #namotu @danaiiiwhite12"

Out there watching : "Wilkes @danaiiiwhite12 @namotu"

Watching another one: "Wilkes @aw_29 @namotu"

Final shot: "Thanks for everything Scotty from @hangzensurfschool if u want to get ur kids into surfing THIS is the man!! Been with mine for 6years!!!"

Final video of the island by photographer Stu Gibson: "Thank u everyone @namotu for an amazing 10days!! Back to work now :) @_veet_ @dmusca @stugibson etc!!!"

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