Why CM Punk should not be allowed to fight in the UFC

There is no denying that the UFC's signing of CM Punk has generated a lot of media buzz, and time well only tell how big a financial boon the rookie fighter will be for the UFC. However, there is a fundamental problem with this move. Any fight between CM Punk and a UFC fighter will be a massive mismatch, a fight so unfair it becomes dangerous. Someone's health, and very life will be in danger.

Simply put, CM Punk is too good a fighter to be allowed in the UFC. He would be too skilled, too athletic, too vicious.

Using the infallibly precise science of MMA Math, we can see that Punk has proven himself superior to the top ten greatest of all time from MMA (list from tapology). EVERY. SINGLE. FIGHTER. IN. THE. TOP. TEN. OF. ALL. TIME. PERIOD.

Anderson Silva (1)

CM Punk > Daniel Bryan > Hunter Hearst Helmsley > Vince McMahon > Ken Shamrock > Kimo > Sakuraba > Minowaman > Daiju Takase > Anderson Silva


GSP (2), BJ Penn (5), and Matt Hughes (9)

Punk > Bryan > HHH > McMahon > Shamrock > Kimo > Sakuraba > Rampage > Machida > BJ Penn > Matt Hughes > GSP


Fedor (3)

Punk > Cena > Brock Lesnar > Mir > Big Nog > Werdum > Fedor


Chuck Liddell (4), Randy Couture (6), Dan Henderson (8), and Wanderlei Silva (10)

Punk > Cena > Lesnar > Couture > Liddell > Wanderlei > Henderson

too many gifs

Jon Jones (7)

Punk > Bryan > HHH > McMahon > Shamrock > Kimo > Soccerballa > Rampage > Matt Hamill > Jones


BONUS: Cain Velasquez and JDS

Punk > Bryan > HHH > McMahon > Shamrock > Kimo > Sockaruba > Minowaman > Sokoudjou > Joaquim Ferreira > Junior Dos Santos > Cain Velasquez


I mean, look at that. When he delivers a spinning strike, it's his opponent that does the spinning.

To unleash this kind of war God on the flock of lambs that is the UFC's roster would be criminally negligent and morally repugnant on the part of the UFC. I ask other fans of this great sport to reach out to Dana White to make sure he knows the full weight of his actions. I'm sure his response will be civil and level-headed.

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