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Video: Rampage Jackson talks UFC return: I terminated my Bellator contract

Watch Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson talk about returning to the UFC, saying Bellator doesn't honor their contracts so he terminated it.

Today it was announced that former UFC champion Quinton Jackson has signed a new deal to return to the company after spending a few years with Bellator. Rampage spoke about his return with the UFC during an interview with Fox Sports, stating that Bellator didn't honor their deal with him:

I haven't been happy with my contract with Bellator for a while. Since the PPV with the King Mo fight. The contract just wasn't right. My manager has been trying to fix it, but Bellator, they didn't want to fix it. They had 45 days. I terminated my contract.

People don't honor their contracts, and that's not cool. The UFC, one thing about them is that they did honor their contracts no matter what. Even when things went wrong, at least they honored their contracts. You sign a contract for a reason, so you guys are bound by law to do what you say you're going to do. If you can't honor a contract, that's not a company I want to be associated with.

Me and Dana White haven't even spoke. It's just business. I don't take it personal. I haven't had any bad blood with Dana White.

I want to comeback and fight as soon as possible. I've been missing the training camps, and I've only got a few years left in me and I'm sure I'll be fighting early 2015.

According to earlier reports, Rampage wasn't happy about several things with Bellator, including a planned reality show that didn't push through. While Jackson also states that he has 'terminated' his contract, Bellator seems likely to contest the move.

Since losing his last 3 UFC bouts, the 36-year-old has won all three of his bouts in Bellator, including wins over King Mo and Joey Beltran.

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