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UFC Fight Night 58: Machida vs. Dollaway live results, play by play, discussion

Live results for tonight's UFC fight card on Fox Sports 1, starring middleweights Lyoto Machida vs. C.B. Dolloway, from Sau Paulo, Brazil.

It's "The Dragon" vs. "The Doberman" tonight as former 205-pound champ turned middleweight Lyoto Machida meets C.B. Dollaway atop the UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Dolloway event from Brazil. In the co-main event, another former champion, bantamweight Renan Barao, returns to action against Mitch Gagnon.

Live results and play by play will commence with the double-decker of lead-off fights on UFC Fight Pass at 7 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Feel free to peruse this week's MMA Vivisection for in-depth analysis and predictions for each match-up.

Main Card
(Fox Sports 1 at 10:00 p.m. ET)

C.B. Dollaway vs. Lyoto Machida

R1: Dollaway keeps stepping in early to stay out of open space with Machida. The first blow comes in the form of a Machida inside low kick a half-minute in. Machida evades a Dolloway combination and chops a vicious left kick into the ribs of Dolloway, and the body shot causes him to visibly grimace in pain. Dolloway covers up for the four-to-five punch introduction to Machida's flurry but can't resist the furious barrage for long.

  • Lyoto Machida defeats C.B. Dolloway by TKO (body kick and punches) R1 1:02

Renan Barao vs. Mitch Gagnon

R1: Barao with a front kick. Hesitant inside low kick lands for Gagnon and the former champion cracks him with a harder one in response. Gagnon forces a clinch but Barao spins out quickly. Gagon fakes a level change but whiffs with his left hook up high. Barao spins out of another clinch with a knee downstairs, then scores with a right hand. Gagnon heaves a big left hand and Barao returns fire with a combination.

Gagnon clinches up but can't secure the body lock, and Barao shoves him away. Gagnon slips in an uppercut. A nasty low kick lands for Barao. Gagnon connects with a fast jab. Gagnon leads with an uppercut and gets tagged and dropped by a check hook from Barao, who swarms and nearly takes Gagnon's back. 10-9 Barao.

R2: Gagnon steps in and throws his hands but he's greeted with a flurry of counter-fire. Gagnon clinches up and puts Barao on the fence with a body lock, then tries to transition to a single leg. Barao spikes down an elbow before the ref separates them. Barao sneaks in a right cross, then hits a quick trip from the body lock. Gagnon regains his footing quickly with the whizzer. Barao landing short knees to the thigh before they split up.

Gagnon lands a jab but Barao again answers strong with a left hook. Gagnon clinches and keeps Barao on the fence until the ref steps in to break them up. Gagnon erupts into a stream of left hooks and connects with his best punches of the fight; Barao lands a knee downstairs before Gagnon puts him on the cage. Gagnon looking to transition to a single leg while Barao drops elbows with a wide stance to stay afoot. Gagnon lands a glancing left hand on the clinch break but takes a knee downstairs when they lock horns again. 10-9 Barao.

R3: Barao scores with a teep to the face but his resulting high kick and one-two are blocked. Gagnon forces a clinch and wings a wild left hand as they separate. Gagnon ties up with Barao again to the chagrin of the crowd. Gagnon commits to a double leg but he's not even close. Barao briefly switches to a guillotine but lets it go and the ref separates them again.

They collide with mutual flurries and this time Barao pursues an outside trip from the clinch, and gets it. It's brief as Gagnon stands back up and circles off the fence. Gagnon lands a short elbow on the break but gets taken down in the next exchange, and Barao immediately transitions to full mount in pursuit of an arm triangle. Barao goes back to side control after securing the hold and Gagnon taps.

  • Renan Barao defeats Mitch Gagnon by submission (arm-triangle) R3 3:53

Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Patrick Cummins

R1: Carlos Junior sidesteps the early Cummins takedown attempt. Cummins ducks a Carlos Junior overhand and clinches up but eats a knee to the gut. Cummins readjusts and hits a smooth inside trip, falling into the guard of Carlos Junior, who immediately goes to deep half guard and then wheels into a leg lock. Cummins spins out once, then again, but Carlos Junior stays adhered to his leg, seeking a heel hook. Carlos Junior transitions to a toe hold but Cummins spins again to break his grip.

Now Carlos Junior triangles the trapped leg with his own legs and looks for the waist lock but it allows Cummins to escape and stand up. Cummins goes back into the guard of Carlos Junior with a right hand, then fires short lefts with Carlos Junior's head on the cage. The Brazilian is back on a leg lock until the hammer-fists of Cummins force him to bail on it. Cummins stacks the legs and passes to side mount. Short left forearm from Cummins on top. 10-10 for all the time Cummins spent defending.

R2: Carlos Junior opens with an outside low kick. Oddly, Carlos Junior throws a combo and tries to change levels on Cummins, who easily stuffs it and moves behind Carlos Junior. Cummins forces Carlos Junior down with the rear waist-lock and the Brazilian rolls into his guard. Cummins lands a series of right hands and wisely ejects, then cautiously re-enters his guard with more punches.

Now Carlos Junior settles for fighting for wrist control with little hip activity and Cummins punches start to add up. Carlos Junior transitions into a heel hook at the halfway mark but it's too loose and Cummins slips out quickly. Cummins passes to side control and cross-faces Carlos Junior, who regains his guard. Cummins backs out and swoops back into his guard with a right hand. Carlos Junior scrambles free with a minute left and Cummins grazes with two punches. No dice on Carlos Junior's spinning kick. Cummins hoists a single leg but doesn't finish it, but does complete a slick reactive takedown to close the round. 10-9 Cummins.

R3: Carlos Junior times a step-in knee as Cummins ducks his head and it's partially blocked. Cummins stays low and ducks under a flurry to hit a double leg, falling into half guard. Cummins postures up and lands stay-busy punchs with Carlos Junior's head stuck on the fence. A sharp hammer-fist from Cummins sneaks through as Carlos Junior tries to wall walk.

Carlos Junior's grappling potency has noticeably declined and Cummins continues to grind away on him. Cummins passes to full mount with just over 90 seconds left but Carlos Junior bucks his hips to make space and recomposes his guard. Carlos Junior boots him off and sneaks behind Cummins, hitting a takedown from the rear waist-lock. Carlos Junior in the back ride with one hook in but there's not enough time. 10-9 Cummins. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Patrick Cummins defeats Antonio Carlos Junior by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Rashid Magomedov vs. Elias Silverio

R1: Silverio starts with an inside low kick. Magomedov answers with a front kick. Silverio blocks the next kick and plants a right downstairs. Magomedov digs a left roundhouse kick into the ribs of Silverio and the impact shows on the face of the Brazilian. Magomedov checks the next low kick but Silverio's front-leg side kick sneaks through. Silverio goes inside with the low kick and comes immediately high with a right high kick. Magomedov scores with a switch hook and returns back to orthodox.

Magomedov counters Silva's incoming kick beautifully with a step-back low kick. Now a check hook from Magomedov, who then flashes a combo up high to set up his body kick. Magomedov grazes Silverio with a monster right hand. Silverio answers with a double jab and right cross. Magomedov pivots and lands a counter hook, connects with another body kick and takes Silverio down just before the bell sounds. 10-9 Magomedov by a close margin.

R2: Magomedov counters Silverio's low kick with a clean left hook. Silverio catches Magomedov with a right cross and then wobbles him with a follow-up left. Magomedov looks to recover quickly and lands a left hook. Silverio charges with a combo and Magomedov takes an unintentional finger to the eye. The ref checks him out but he's ready to roll. They both peel off a combo but Magomedov lands cleaner, then he pops Silverio with a straight right.

Silverio sneaks in a left kick to the body but Magomedov sails a right hand over Silverio's shoulder and follows with a left hook to the face. Magomedov puts Silverio on the fence but they break shortly after. Magomedov lands a counter right but accidentally kicks Silverio on the cup. It's another brief pause before we're back to action and Magomedov digs another left kick to the body of Silverio. Another step-back counter leg kick from Magomedov. Silverio lands a spinning kick to the body in the closing seconds. 10-9 Magomedov.

R3: Silverio has a left high kick blocked but we pause for an incidental kick to the groin. Magomedov goes right/left/right and shellacks Silverio with the concluding blow. Magomedov lands a lead right hand. Silverio loses his balance on a high kick but recovers quickly. Silverio shoots his first double-leg of the match but Magomedov easily sprawls out.Jumping switch kick from Silverio is blocked.

Silverio counters a Magomedov kick with a left hook and fends off the inside trip from the clinch from Magomedov. Two clubbing right hands greet Silverio after he leads with a jab downstairs. Magomedov catches a Silverio kick but can't hold on to it. With 30 seconds left, Magomedov hammers Silverio with a check hook and it floors Silverio. Magomedov doesn't allow him to regain his composure by raining down a steady stream of blows, then crunches Silverio with a running right hand -- it persuades the ref to step in and wave the fight off.

  • Rashid Magomedov defeats Elias Silverio by TKO (punches) R3

Mike Rhodes vs. Erick Silva

R1: Silva touches up and throws a spinning kick to the body and a spinning back fist. Silva gets in on a single and completes it with Rhodes falling back for a guillotine. Silva insta-passes to side mount and starts to work on an arm triangle. Rhodes grabs his own leg to defend but Silva walks the clock and puts Rhodes to sleep.

  • Erick Silva defeats Mike Rhodes by submission (arm-triangle) R1 1:15

Antonio dos Santos Jr. vs. Daniel Sarafian

R1: Dos Santos starts with a sharp low kick. They both collide with mutual flurries. Sarafian stuffs a snapping jab into the face of dos Santos but eats a counter left. Sarafian bounces a high kick off dos Santos' head but he goes onto his back after a vicious one-two counter from dos Santos. Sarafian fights back to his feet and dos Santos puts him on the cage. Sarafian gets loose and both men plant their feet and let em' fly with massive shots, which draws a smile from dos Santos.

Sarafian lands a low kick; dos Santos scores with a check hook. Now it's Sarafian who lands and dos Santos fires back with a three-punch combo. Sarafian fakes a right hand and hits a double leg but dos Santos materializes back on his feet, pushing Sarafian on the cage with a body lock. A short stalemate ensues until dos Santos steps back and peels off a punch/elbow combo. Dos Santos lands downstairs and then to the face with a left hook. Sarafian gets in on a double leg but can't complete it before the bell rings. Tight edge to dos Santos, 10-9.

R2: We pause briefly for an unintentional kick to the cup of dos Santos. He's ready to resume quickly. Dos Santos lands a low kick and Sarafian lands a right cross. Dos Santos winces after a mutual exchange and lifts his hand to show one finger bent at a sickening angle. The ref sees it and immediately waves it off despite dos Santos yanking on it to replace the dislocated finger. The doctor comes in and supports the referee and the fight is stopped.

  • Daniel Sarafian defeats Antonio dos Santos Jr. by TKO (dislocated finger) R2 1:01

Fox Preliminary Card
(Fox Sports 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET)

Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Igor Pokrajac

R1: They lock horns and de Lima puts Pokrajac on the fence, switching to the body lock once he's there. Short, chopping right hands for de Lima. 90 seconds in and there's not much cookin'. The ref separates them at 3:15 and Pokrajac eats a short right while he's closing the distance, then consecutive left hands that crumple him. De Lima swarms to finish him off.

  • Marcos Rogerio de Lima defeats Igor Pokrajac by TKO (punches) R1 1:59

Renato "Moicano" Carneiro vs. Tom Niinimaki

R1: Niinimaki lands a stiff jab. Carneiro responds with a counter uppercut. Retreating right hook glances for Carneiro. Counter jab for Carneiro. Niinimaki heaves an overhand right and grazes with it, then follows with a low kick. Carneiro switches from countering and attacks with a one-two. Carneiro throws a right high kick and lands a left hook. Jumping knee/kick from Carneiro connects. Strong left body kick scores for the Brazilian. And another.

Niinimaki barely gets a glove in front of a quick left high kick. Carneiro pumps the jab and counters Niinimaki's cross with a left hook. Carneiro catches a Niinimaki kick but can't sweep out the supporting leg. Overhand right and left body kick thrown by Carneiro, who catches another Niinimaki kick. 10-9 Carneiro.

R2: Carneiro stays busy with his jab to control the distance, then lands a left roundhouse kick to the body and another to the leg. Niinimaki sneaks in an inside low kick but gets rocked with a hefty one-two. Now it's a clean left hook from Carneiro, who's taking control of the striking duel. Carneiro's nasty low kick is half checked. Another left body kick scores for Carneiro. Niinimaki fakes a kick and grazes with a one-two combo; Carneiro lands cleaner with his.

Carneiro plugs Niinimaki with a left hook and then takes his off-balance opponent down. Near mount pass for Carneiro, then he takes Niinimaki's back and immediately cinches on the body triangle. He transitions to the rear-naked choke and Niinimaki taps quickly.

  • Renato "Moicano" Carneiro defeats Tom Niinimaki by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 3:30


Hacran Dias vs. Darren Elkins

R1: Elkins gets low and flings a long jab and a kick but it's Dias who scores with a right. Now a left hook to the jaw from Dias. Elkins glances with a left but Dias bobs his head back with two quick shots. Elkins gets in on a single but Dias, with great balance, maintains his footing. Elkins circles Dias onto the fence with the over-under and shoots a wild takedown; Dias defends and takes Elkins down. Elkins throws a few up-kicks and nearly cinches a triangle when Dias dives into his guard to avoid them.

Dias ejects and lands a kick to the thigh before jumping back into Elkins' half guard. Elkins regains full guard and throws more up-kicks as Dias stands. Dias dives back in with a carefully thrown right hand and lands a knee to the gut as Elkins sits up with his back on the cage. Elkins battles back to his feet and Dias circles him onto the cage. Elkins counters with a front headlock and knees to the face but Dias snaps him down after securing his own front headlock. Elkins is back up and threatening to hop onto Elkins' back before the horn sounds. 10-9 Dias.

R2: Dias lands a sharp outside low kick and a one-two. Elkins tries to stay on him but can't connect with the left high kick. Elkins forces a clinch and sneaks behind Dias, getting the rear waist-lock. Dias spins out and they separate. Elkins grazes with a right cross. And does so again. Dias shoots a double-leg takedown with no setup but still gets it. Elkins stays active but Dias maintains control on top.

They trade some non-threatening ground punches as the battle for control continues. Elkins manages to take a knee and stand but Dias takes him right back down with one minute left. Dias briefly gets full mount. 10-9 Dias.

R3: Dias lands a rear-leg low kick, then one with the front leg. Right-left combo lands clean for Dias. Elkins has a high kick partially blocked. Dias swipes Elkins across the face with a grazing shot. Three-punch combo and body kick from Elkins are all blocked. Diaz connects with a right, then a check hook. Elkins tries to double-jab his way in but Dias changes levels and takes him down just before the halfway mark.

Side mount for Dias, then a fluid pass to full mount. Elkins craftily regains his guard and stands back up with Dias holding the rear waist-cinch. Elkins hand-fights the grip and spins to face Dias, but Dias hits a trip. Elkins closes his guard and fights for wrist control with 90 seconds left. Pestering right hands from Dias to stay busy. Elkins gets back to his feet and cinches on an elbow-lift guillotine, and it's deep. Dias falls to his back to defend and wriggles out of the choke with Elkins in his half guard. Elkins gets the crucifix position briefly. 10-9 Elkins for the late surge; the most effective offense of the round. I have it 29-28 Dias.

  • Hacran Dias defeats Darren Elkins by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

Leandro Issa vs. Yuta Sasaki

R1: Issa lands a pair of low kicks, a glancing right and left and another low kick right out of the gate. They trade low kicks and Issa blasts Sasaki in the mouth with a big right hand. Issa clinches up and looks for an outside trip in the over-under but Sasaki defends. Issa chips away with knees to the thigh hits a trip after switching his angle. Butterfly guard for Sasaki with a body lock. Issa breaks his grip but Sasaki escapes in the scramble, then takes Issa down with a slick outside trip. Sasaki gets a little overzealous in trying to take Issa's back and gets swept.

Issa passes into side mount and cradles the far-side leg, then isolates the arm for a kimura. Issa gets the two-on-one grip but settles for a few hammer-fists and elbows after Sasaki breaks the hold. Sasaki rolls onto a knee and gets in counter-single-leg position but can't capitalize. 10-9 Issa.

R2: Issa has a high kick blocked. Sasaki lands a straight left and Issa answers with an outside low kick. They clinch and Issa slips into the rear waist-cinch before taking Sasaki down roughly a minute in. Sasaki in half butterfly; Issa cradles the opposite leg to pass easily into side control. Issa tries to use the headlock to pass into full mount but Sasaki defends and works a surprisingly effective D'arce choke from the bottom.

Issa doesn't allow a hook in and Sasaki loses it without any leg control. Issa threatens with a mount sweep but, instead, takes Sasaki's back in the scramble with both hooks in. Issa lands a few punches after trying unsuccessfully to flatten Sasaki out. Issa rolls onto his back and fishes for a rear-naked choke, then torques on a nasty neck crank -- Sasaki taps.

  • Leandro Issa defeats Yuta Sasaki by submission (neck crank) R2 4:13

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass at 7:00 p.m. ET)

Tim Means vs. Marcio Alexandre Jr.

R1: Means lands an inside low kick and counter-clinches on Alexandre's first combo. Alexandre circles off the cage to separate and has a left high kick blocked. They both connect with lefts during Means' clinch entry and he's once again unable to control Alexandre. Alexandre counters a Means low kick but Means blocks another of his high kicks. Alexandre lands a knee downstairs before breaking the next clinch.

Means plugs Alexandre with a nasty left cross before blocking a spinning kick. Means continues to march forward and lands a sharp cross and a clean up-knee. Means looks to hurt Alexandre with a right kick to the body and Alexandre responds with a fast one-two that breaks through the guard of Means. Alexandre denies another clinch attempt. Outside low kick glances for Means. Alexandre answers in kind, then lands a knee to the ribs during Means' spinning back elbow. Alexandre catches a Means low kick but just misses with the left counter. Alexandre lands a short knee before the bell. 10-9 Means.

R2: Alexandre gets the body lock after a Means jump knee but Means circles off the fence and they separate. Alexandre with a left hand. Means answers with a lead left cross to the body, then dings Alexandre with two consecutive left crosses. Alexandre grazes with an outside low kick but gets taken down after Means catches the next kick. Means hammers Alexandre with a knee to the face as he's standing up and the ref intervenes as Alexandre might've had three points down. The replay shows the knee landing almost simultaneously with Alexandre's hand lifting off the canvas.

They restart in the center with 3:15 left. Alexandre grazes Means with a left hand and bounces a high kick off his head that drops him. Alexandre pounces but Means gathers his wits and hits an immediate sweep to take position, firing down a few elbows. Alexandre closes his guard and fights for wrist control but a few of Means' punches/elbows get through. Means cracks Alexandre with a twisting left elbow, then glances with another. Means postures up and zings a big left hand down to the jaw of Alexandre, then lands a knee to the body as he's regaining his footing. Alexandre holds a waist lock with 45 seconds left and hits an outside trip after a brief pause. Means gets back to this feet and heaves a left cross, then takes Alexandre down and scores with a few elbows before the bell. 10-9 Means.

R3: Means starts with an outside low kick, then lands a front-leg side kick to the body. Means leads with a roundhouse kick to body and it smacks off Alexandre's ribs. Now it's a plunging right hand that scores for Means, making it a one-sided round 90 seconds in. Alexandre throws a left high kick but Means blocks it and counters with two knees, landing the first flush. Means sneaks in a stiff jab. Alexandre as a one-two partially blocked.

Means keeps the pressure on as Alexandre retreats and connects on a front kick downstairs. Alexandre answers with one of his own before initiating a clinch. Means holds a strong underhook with his back on the fence, then escapes into open space. Alexandre goes for a loose guillotine on the next clinch entry for Means, but Means slips his head out, lands a kick to the body and a left cross to the face of Alexandre, which is bloated with various welts. Clean left hand for Means. Alexandre lands a light one-two with nothing on it and Means walks through it to land another left. 10-8 Means. I have it 30-26 Means.

  • Tim Means defeats Marcio Alexandre Jr. by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Jake Collier vs. Vitor Miranda

R1: Collier with a left kick and a one-two; Miranda answers with an outside low kick. Left low and right cross high for Collier, who scores to the body with a right/left combo on the next exchange. Short, heavy jab lands for Miranda. Collier clinches up and Miranda lands a knee to the body. Miranda with a left roundhouse kick to the ribs that lands clean and a glancing low kick before Collier changes levels and takes him down. Miranda pops back up but Collier peels him off the fence and takes him down with a waist-lock, falling in side mount.

Miranda stops a pass to full mount but nearly gives up his back in the ensuing scramble. Miranda gets half guard and shows good defense and wrist control but can't work his way out. Collier cinches on a D'arce choke but Miranda rolls out of it and stands up with about ten seconds left. Miranda crunches Collier with a right low kick and a right high kick, the latter of which staggers him. Miranda unbolts a finishing flurry of punches, registering an impressive late spurt of violence.

  • Mario Miranda defeats Jake Collier by KO (head kick and punches) R1 4:59