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UFN 58 Factgrinder Guide: Reminder- C.B. Dollaway and Pat Cummins are really good wrestlers

Bloody Elbow provides Factgrinder guides as an easy way to access the wrestling backgrounds of fighters on a particular card. In this entry, UFN 58: Machida vs. Dolloway.

In an effort to provide fans with the accurate wrestling backgrounds of fighters before major MMA cards featuring more than one wrestler of note, we provide a Factgrinder guide.

In a rare circumstance for a UFC Brazilian, Ultimate Fight Night 58 feature two very accomplished wrestlers on its main card, Pat Cummins and C.B. Dolloway.

I wrote what amounted to a Factgrinder for Cummins when he the UFC tapped the previously unknown fighter as a replacement opponent against Daniel Cormier. Though I was very happy with what I wrote, I think fans may have overlooked it because they viewed Cummins as a fly-by-night jobber schlub, which he definitely is not. Cummins is a fantastic wrestler, and should have a respectable run in the UFC.

I have provided two past posts on former Arizona State standout wrestler and UFN 58 headliner C. B. Dollaway. One was his own Factgrinder treatment, and the other featured footage of him dropping a close-fought quarterfinals match to Minnesota's Roger Kish. I'll embed the video below.

This Fight Night card also features Darren Elkins who spent a couple years wrestling for NCAA Division II Wisconsin-Parkside after winning an Indiana high school state championship.