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Recently retired UFC vets trade shots on Twitter over fighter pay

Mac Danzig and Cody McKenzie are going after each other over the UFC's treatment of fighters.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The recent UFC lawsuit has touched a lot of nerves for fighters. Some are eager to jump in on criticism of their former (or current) promotion, others are rushing to defend it. Michael Bisping categorized the plaintiffs in the UFC lawsuit as "disgruntled ex-fighters" whose "careers didn't pan out." It's the kind of issue that is quickly causing a lot of division in the fight community. Most recently, recently retired UFC veteran Cody McKenzie expressed his dissatisfaction with the UFC's treatment of fighters, telling GnP TV "Fuck the UFC, I hope they get sued for millions."

Whether it was those sentiments, or something else, McKenzie's recent statements drew the notice of another recently retired fighter, Mac Danzig:

I imagine we're going to see a lot more fighters getting into these kinds of discussions as this lawsuit drags on and more fighters detail their experiences working under Zuffa, positive or negative.

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