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Dana White discusses Reebok uniform deal, rehabilitation center in new Zuffa headquarters

UFC President Dana White discuses the promotion’s new deal with Reebok and reveal that the new ZUFFA headquarters will have a rehab center for fighters.

On Tuesday afternoon, the UFC announced a new uniform sponsorship deal with Reebok that would be enforced on all 550 fighters under contract.'s Ariel Helwani spoke with Dana White about the new deal and what it means for the fighters involved.

"The way the sport has evolved - you are going to see that with the apparel now," White told Helwani. "Just like it did in Football - Nike and Under Armour helped the apparel for training and for playing in other sports.

"We take this thing to the next level every year. This is the next step in the evolution and the process of getting this thing to where we want to get it."

While he would not disclose the exact deal with Reebok, White proclaimed it to be their largest non-broadcast deal to date, and one that the UFC would not "make a dime off."

"It is the largest non-broadcast deal we've ever done. This is the biggest by far. It rivals some of our broadcast deals."

The UFC head honcho also revealed that the new Zuffa headquarters would include a rehabilitation centre for fighters.