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Bloody Elbow Roundtable - UFC uniform deal: good, bad, or ugly?

The Bloody Elbow staff goes head-to-head with their thoughts on the UFC's newly announced uniform deal.

Big news broke today, on the long hinted UFC uniform deal. The UFC announced that they had signed a six-year partnership with Reebok as the official UFC uniform sponsor. Fighters will be placed into earning tiers, with more prominent, higher ranked, fighters earning a greater amount of sponsorship income. The UFC's biggest stars signed individual deals with Reebok, outside the tier system. Part of the promise of this deal is that 100% of the money from Reebok will go to the fighters, with an additional 20% of the sales of individually branded fight wear going to them as well.

The potential ramifications of this are numerous. The UFC rankings are set to become more important than ever, as they will be instrumental in determining a fighter's tier placement. It's unknown at this time, how well those tiers are going to line up with how much fighters were earning already, especially name fighters who may not be currently ranked. Anyway, those are the kind of questions we're set to debate, so check back in regularly for live updates throughout the day, and feel free to throw points of your own at us.