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Joseph Benavidez: I think the last thing the division needs is a champion nicknamed ‘Uncle Creepy’

UFC flyweight competitor Joseph Benavidez explains why he believes Ian McCall would be a disastrous champion for the UFC.

Although his focus is on a match-up against John Dodson in the foreseeable future, former title contender Joseph Benavidez is not too impressed with Ian McCall's recent comments regarding him or champion Demetrious Johnson.

McCall was openly critical about Johnson's lack of marketability, and even stated that he has the "personality of a coffee mug." While this does not surprise Benavidez, he could not agree less with the former Tachi Palace champion.

"That doesn't surprise me coming from Uncle Creepy," Benavidez told Submission Radio. "He's kind of like one of those guys that pretty much do everything for attention, you know. And if you look at his fights; I mean for one, Demetrious is a better fighter and that's what this comes down to. He's a better fighter. He beat everyone in the division, and it's just like, I don't know."

Benavidez then moved onto McCall's nickname, "Uncle Creepy" and criticized it as a dreadful nickname for a potential UFC champion.

"He says he's [Demetrious] a dork and he has no personality, but like, I think the last thing the division needs is a champion nicknamed "Uncle Creepy" that looks the way Ian McCall does, you know what I mean? Like that would be a lot worse than, a great, nice, athletic, you know, family man of a champion like Demetrious. I think it would be a lot worse to have a champion - I mean, even though I don't think that would ever happen - named Uncle Creepy. You know, with a moustache and all his other antics.

"I think he's always gonna kind of be that for the division. That's the best thing he's going to be able to do is talk smack and be Uncle Creepy."

Transcription taken from Submission Radio.