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Official Reebok UFC Uniforms to be announced soon?

Are the long rumored UFC Uniforms about to be announced?

Peter Larsen/Getty Images

During the start of the year, Dana White teased that they're developing official UFC Uniforms for fighters. While details were scarce back then, it did get mixed reactions from fighters as any deal would certainly change the way sponsorships are handled in today's landscape.

Watch UFC and Reebok announce UFC uniform deal

It has been long rumored that the uniform deal will involve having Reebok as the main apparel sponsor, and one of the current brands in MMA have suggested that the official announcement will be made soon. Here's a tweet from Dethrone Royalty:

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The UFC teased a huge announcement that was supposed to happen on their last media day, so is this the delayed major news they were alluding to?

Any type of exclusive deal would surely bring in a large revenue stream for the UFC, but it also raises some questions. Hopefully we'll get some answers if and when they make it official.

Watch UFC and Reebok announce UFC uniform deal