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Jose Aldo still unhappy about his UFC pay: 'We virtually pay to fight'

"The Scarface" hit the UFC for the third time in 2014 for paying him less than he thinks he deserves.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo once again complained about his pay. The UFC Featherweight champion was the guest for a Q&A session this Friday in Barueri, Brazil, where he expressed his displeasure with the money made by MMA fighters in comparison with boxers. The quote was transcribed by Ag. Fight.

"We should be treated better. Not only by the UFC but also by media. We are well treated by the fans. We make a lot less money than we should. We deliver shows and should be well paid. We virtually pay to fight. To become a boxer is complicated but would be very good."

It's the third time this year that Aldo has complained about his income, the first time was in May and the second in October. His friend, Renan Barao also spoke up about the subject but took a step back and the UFC president Dana White blamed the translation. Even Chael Sonnen gave his thoughts about the situation and said that it's Aldo's fault for making less money that he should.

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