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Nate Quarry: I'm fighting for the fighters who can't speak up

John Nash was in San Jose this last Tuesday to witness the filing of a class action lawsuit against the UFC and to get comments from plaintiff Nate Quarry and the fighter described as “the man who started it,” Carlos Newton.

If you are having trouble playing the video you can also watch it on Youtube.

Three fighters and their lawyers walk into a bar...

That's not the set-up to a joke, that was the scene at the Hyatt Place in San Jose after two former and one currently-under-contract fighter announced the filing of a class action lawsuit against the UFC, accusing the promotion of "anticompetitive, illicit, and exclusionary acts."

The fighters ordering at the hotel bar included two of the plaintiffs, Cung Le and Nate Quarry, as well as former UFC welterweight champ Carlos Newton, who has been described as the initiator of the suit even though he wasn't named in the complaint. With them were a few of their lawyers, including Rob Maysey, the founder of the Mixed Martial Artists Fighters Association and a long time figure in the sport. The emotion's of the group seemed to be a mix of celebration and relief.

The only media member there was me, sitting in the corner trying to figure out what I had done wrong during my recordings of the proceedings (You can see what I managed to capture in the video posted). Everyone else had long since left.

I walked up to the group, introduced myself, and apologized for having harassed them for much of the previous year. They accepted my apology.

We shared a few pleasantries as they tried to answer the numerous congratulatory text messages from others, including apparently a number of fighters, that were pouring in. I talked a little about "Black Dynamite" with Nate Quarry, as well as his desire to speak up for the fighters that couldn't speak up. I asked the attorney several question which were answered with "on the record? Nothing. Off the record? Still nothing." And then I asked Carlos what's next? He answered "a fight."

And on that I went back to my table to see what I could salvage of my video.