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Conor Heun: Before sponsor tax I made $16K/fight; after sponsor tax it was less than $3K/fight

Former Strikeforce lightweight crowd favorite, Conor Heun tweets about his experience with Zuffa via Twitter.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last few weeks, the UFC brand has been taking fire over some controversial issues, namely the Reebok deal, CM Punk's strange signing and the class action lawsuit being filed. With more and more fighters popping up on various forms of social media, podcast interviews and forum posts, a strong case is being made with fans that might have been on the fence about who to support, the company (yes, there are people out there that back the UFC in this battle) or the fighters.

Former Strikeforce lightweight crowd favorite, Conor Heun has been vocal for quite some time about fighter pay, and has added in his experience with the organization via Twitter. Conor last fought for the organization after the Strikeforce buyout on the Rousey vs Tate card in Columbus, Ohio.

Bloody Elbow will keep our readers updated on this ever-developing story as more information becomes available.

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