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CM Punk says he won't make UFC debut until late 2015

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The UFC's marquee signing of 2014 says that he won't be debuting for a while.

The UFC has accomplished one of their goals with the signing of CM Punk - people are talking about it. Some fighters are supportive of the idea, while others are against it. Regardless of opinion though, Punk is getting media spots rarely given to most MMA fighters. The latest was doing the rounds at ESPN, which included an interview on ESPN MMA Live. And it was there that he elaborated on when his debut might take place. Spoiler - we're going to be waiting for a while:

"Are you gonna hold me to this? Is everyone gonna hold me to this? We're saying 2015, which is very vague, but that's kind of how we want to keep it right now. It's 100% up to me - when I feel like I'm as ready as I'm going to get, without pushing it to 2016. So it'll probably be, at the earliest, fall. Latest, you know, sometime around this time next year."

He also discussed the parallels between him and Brock Lesnar in terms of crossing over to MMA (he hasn't talked to him for a couple of months because Brock's in Saskatoon or something), and again emphasized that he hasn't picked a camp yet. The overarching theme of his answers was that he's just looking to prove people wrong and get past negativity, which is admirable enough. Either way though - he won't be in the octagon any time soon.