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Jon Jones thinks UFC 182 ad was in the UFC's 'best interest' but not in his

The UFC champ had to "swallow (his) pride" to accept the UFC 182 promo video that shows him threatening to kill Daniel Cormier.

The UFC has had a prickly relationship with its Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones at least since the cancellation of UFC 151 and it appears the new promo for his UFC 182 has complicated things further. That promo features "leaked" footage from behind the scenes of a September satellite video interview with Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier wherein Jones says some ugly things.

Here's what Jones had to say about it on UFC Tonight (transcribed by MMA Mania).

"When I first saw it I was a little offended by it. That UFC -- someone who is supposed to be backing my brand and making me look good -- would put up something like that for the general public to see. I don't think it's really healthy for the world to see their champion -- for the world to see UFC's champion -- saying I would kill someone. That really took me off guard. I didn't really think it was in my best interest, but it was for UFC's best interest, so I kind of had to swallow my pride. I said it," Jones admitted.

It appears that being a bit two-faced is now an integral part of the "Jon Jones brand" and has been ever since his feud with former Jackson MMA teammate Rashad Evans. Jones' habit of using social media to say ugly things and later claim he was "hacked" or "lost his phone" also plays into the narrative.

Whether or not its good for Jones and the UFC long-term, anticipation is high for UFC 182.

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