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Beyond the Octagon: UFC vets McKenzie, Fioravanti, plus Mighty Mo and BE Prospect Puetz

M-1 Global hosts a pair of UFC veterans, plus Mighty Mo travels to Romania to take on PRIDE vet Alexandru Lungu.

Mid-week fights? Mid-week fights!

This past Monday, in the main event of Romanian XF 15, Siala Mou SIliga, aka Mighty Mo, sought to rebound from his knockout at the hands of Alexander Volkov in April. Standing in his way back to the win column was super-sized PRIDE veteran Alexandru Lungu.

Siliga made a comeback to MMA in 2013, going on an unlikely three fight win streak in Bellator before being stopped by former champ Volkov. As for Lungu, he made his professional MMA debut at PRIDE 30, where he fell to the punches of James Thompson. In the nearly ten years since, the Romanian product has fought sporadically, notably beating old-school super-heavyweights Tom Erikson and Jimmy Ambriz.

Lungu once again wielded his power to great effect on Monday, when he caught the smaller Siliga with a counter right that sent a dazed Mighty Mo tumbling backwards to the mat. Follow-up strikes prompted the referee to step in, giving Lungu the TKO victory. Lungu improves to 10-3-0, while Siliga, taking the first loss of his career outside of a major MMA organization, falls to 6-4-0.

Lungu vs. Siliga can be seen here. Fight gets underway at 3:44.

And at M-1 Challenge 54 this week, Luigi Fioravanti (25-12, 4-5 UFC) picked up a first-round TKO of Ruslan Khaskhanov (16-9-0). Following a three-fight slump in 2011, Fioravanti stepped away from competition for nearly two years. He's now 3-1 since his return in 2013.

Farther up the card, Cody McKenzie (15-6, 3-4 UFC) found himself laid out by a knee after shooting in for a sloppy takedown. The TKO finish came courtesy of Beslan Isaev (31-7-0) mid-way through the first. McKenzie, who was released from the UFC last December, is 1-2 since then. He's been finished in both of his losses.

Watch Isaev vs. McKenzie here.

And in the evening's main event. Stephan Puetz, featured in Bloody Elbow's 2015 Light-Heavyweight Scouting Report, defended his M-1 title for the second time against undefeated Valery Myasnikov. A takedown from Puetz in Round 2 followed by a steady campaign of hammer fists thoroughly wore out the challenger, and though Myasnikov was able to make it back to his feet (barely, with some rope-grabbing), he would find little respite, being taken down again and quickly mounted. Further ground-and-pound finished the fight for good. With the win, Puetz improves to 12-1-0 while Myasnikov's once unblemished record now stands at 8-1-0.

Puetz vs. Myasnikov can be seen here.