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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? UFC Lawsuit, CM Punk, Jones vs Cormier

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"The reason that I'm number 1 contender and next to fight for the title, I'm active fighter, I've fought 4 times in 8 months,17fights in UFC"  -Rafael Dos Anjos

"Now Pettis is in hurry to fight. I feel like everybody is protecting him from me. I ready April or May ... Everybody knows who is no1 lightweight contender. 2015 will be my year.You like it or not , I'm coming"  -Khabib Nurmagomedov

"I do not check to see who is following me after fights. (yes I do)"  -Stipe Miocic

"I miss the fight. I'm ready to start preparing again."  -Dan Hardy

"Receive a letter from @Fearthefighter telling me to stop telling the truth or they will sue me. Pay your debt! @ftfenergy @ufc @Rick_Story"  -Gegard Mousasi

"All joking aside I would really like a hippopotamus for Christmas."  -Tim Kennedy

"I had a really good nude to post if I won. Sadly just deleted that shit. Next time chumps."  -Angela Magana



"Can we please see @joerogan welcome @CMPunk to the @UFC and be his first opponent?"  -Joe Lauzon

"I would break that drug test like a hammer hitting a carnival bell in a bugs bunny cartoon."  -Joe Rogan

" I heard wanted to fight you first to prove to the fans he can fight."  -Tito Ortiz

"That's true. Texted me directly."  -Chael Sonnen

"I need some $ ... You should pay me to make you not suck that bad @CMPunk I'll be gentle"  -Ian McCall

"@Unclecreepymma that include mustache tips?"  -CM Punk

"Duh I'll show you all about men's grooming : ) btw welcome to show pal. Good luck"  -Ian McCall



"Who do I contact?????"  -Sean Sherk, wants in on the lawsuit.


"Today is a game changer if your a fighter. Hopefully this improves the quality of life if you choose to fight as a profession"  -Ryan Jimmo

"its a number of things but every fighter I've ever talked to loves fighting but hates working for the UFC. It time for change... the average UFC fighter is making under 40 g a year from zuffa. Compare that to other professional sports"  -Ryan Jimmo

"Fighters sick of being bullied? Come over to @BellatorMMA Nice to have a company behind you. @SpikeTV @Viacom building 2 be the best!"  -Tito Ortiz



"Got food poisoning threw up 3 times today & had an upset stomach.I will not be fighting tonight.Sorry guys... I'm down to reschedule asap. Sorry @EdHermanufc . We can rebook asap @ufc"  -Derek Brunson

"Ohh my god just found out @DerekBrunson has food poisoning 10 min before walking out sorry every one I was ready!"  -Ed Herman

"Headed to catch my flight and who comes mouthing off loud mouth @EdHermanufc please book this fight asap. Gonna KO this guy @danawhite"  -Derek Brunson

"@DerekBrunson strutting threw the lobby like nothing is wrong punked out last night 5 mins before fight see you at the airport dog!"  -Ed Herman

"@EdHermanufc small airport , not hard to find... besides you ain't bout that life . Cut it !"  -Derek Brunson

"You gonna hide behind your girl again didn't look to sick to me punk !"  -Ed Herman

"work on your wrestling . You're disrespectful and I'm kinda pissed. Our next cage encounter should be epic"  -Derek Brunson

"This twitter release was fun @EdHermanufc. I won't be seeing u at the airport. We're gonna do it when the world is watching. See u soon :-)"  -Derek Brunson

"It's on again!! Jan 31st in Vegas 183 see you guys there!"  -Ed Herman



"220lbs 2 1/2 weeks out. This will be the easiest cut yet! DC"  -Daniel Cormier

"Rua, Jackson, Machida, Evans, Belfort, Sonnen, Gustafsson, Teixeira & Cormier #Victory #YesICan #IWill #Win #IBelieve #AllThings #Champion"  -Jon Jones

"I always get a chuckle when people complain about me being too big for my weight class. Right now I'm only 218lbs, I'm actually having to eat extra to keep my weight up.. Super easy cut"  -Jon Jones

" almost go time champ. let's get it"  -Derek Brunson

" about to hit him with that spinning back fist haha"  -Jon Jones

"How would you go about defeating DC? Tips? strategy? "  -Jon Jones

" don't show up, just give him the damn belt!"  -Ben Askren



I hate persimmons, @jistyle3 you obviously don't know me at all

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