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Live updates from press conference for class action lawsuit against UFC

We'll have up to the minute updates from the press conference announcing the class action lawsuit against the UFC filed by fighters.

As previously reported here at Bloody Elbow, the UFC is about to be the defendant in a large class action lawsuit filed by fighters. You can read the early details of the suit right here.

Starting at 4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT) there will be a press conference at which point the suit will be made official, some of the involved fighters will be named and some of the details of the suit will be discussed.

As previously reported, the lawsuit is an antitrust case, focusing on the UFC using their "market power" to cripple the free market, limiting the ability of the fighters to earn their proper worth.

John Nash is on the ground in San Jose to cover the presser and I (Brent Brookhouse) will be listening to the conference via a media conference line.

I'll provide up to the minute updates here and we'll have more information that comes out during and after the event wraps up.

  • We ran the initial details of the lawsuit over here. You can read it along with finding out Cung Le, Nate Quarry and Jon Fitch are the three initially named plaintiffs.
  • Carlos Newton is there, he will not be named as an initial plaintiff but was a part of getting the whole thing going.
  • Conference starts with introduction of various lawyers and fighters.
  • At 12:45 the class action anti-trust suit was filed in federal court in San Jose. Claim of monopolization against Zuffa (UFC).
  • Complaint says UFC has systematically shut down competitors, prevented real alternative competitive promotions which caused severe consequences to MMA athletes.
  • Have lost control of their likenesses as well. Lawsuit is filed "to right these wrongs" and "change the status quo."
  • Earning options have been limited by the UFC. UFC built on the backs of the battered bodies of the fighters. - Lawyers claim.
  • They used Dana White quotes about how they're the only real player as part of the argument during the press conference.
  • Rob Maysey, a lawyer who has long pushed for a fighter association is involved and was crying while giving a statement. This is a huge moment for him.
  • Cung Le gives a statement, says that he's honored to be involved. Not much more.
  • Nate Quarry thanks Carlos Newton and the media, saying he knows media can lose credentials.
  • "If we don't take a stand now, nothing is going to change." - Nate Quarry
  • The event closed with Carlos Newton saying he wants to fight for what he's worth, not the generosity of others (the promoters). Obviously not speaking about just himself, but the idea of fighters in general having worth.