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Anthony Bourdain gets 4th stripe on his white belt

Emmy winning chef and television documentarian, Anthony Bourdain just got another stripe on his white belt.

Anthony Bourdain gets another stripe on his belt
Anthony Bourdain gets another stripe on his belt
Anthony Bourdain

Once upon a time, world-renowned chef and Emmy winning television personality, Anthony Bourdain thought that he wasn't cut out to follow his wife's Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey. He felt that it had "no application" to his life, and once joked that "rolling around on a mat with a sweaty guy is not something in any way that interests me."

Fast forward to today, where he just received his 4th stripe on his white belt from Master Renzo Gracie. That's right, Anthony's wife, Ottavia talked him into a beginner's class a little over a year ago, and it's been full steam ahead ever since. These days, if Anthony isn't able to train on a regular basis, he feels like he's "going through withdrawal."

It is not unusual for him to seek out gyms in the places he travels, so he can get in a training session, and he's even taken to packing a gi, just in case there's an opportunity to train. Hell, he even cooks in his gi pants occasionally, and has changed up his diet to include more healthy vegetable choices since he began rolling regularly.

If you would like to keep up with Bourdain's jiu-jitsu accomplishments, he has a very active Facebook fan page, and regularly updates it with photos and posts. It's pretty damned cool watching his transformation into full blown BJJ junkie and documenting it along the way. Hopefully, he continues doing so, because it's always nice to have a big name celebrity embracing one of the combat arts from our community.

You can follow Anthony via his Twitter account, @Bourdain

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