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UFC interim champ Fabricio Werdum is happy about Reebok deal, says it's good for top fighters

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"Vai Cavalo" sees as a motivation for beginners the way that the Reebok money will be split.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

UFC interim Heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum feels that the Reebok deal with the promotion will be good, at least for him. At the top of his form, "Vai Cavalo" told Brazilian media that the money split being tied with the ranking system will be good to motivate all of the fighters.

"There is not yet a definition but I think that it's going to be good for who is battling and running after since a long time. For example, I'm at the top of the ranking and I'm already 37 years old. I think that it will benefit the top ten guys of the ranking. I'm not being selfish but for me it's going to be great. It was very hard for me to get at this point. And everybody will wear the same uniform. I don't think the door will be closed for other sponsors. The fighters that are coming now will not be so benefited but it's a motivation for them. They will all want to be sponsored by Reebok and enter in the top ten of the ranking. If I were a beginner, that's how I would thought."

The veteran Werdum became UFC champion after 25 fights, in his second run in the promotion after stints in PRIDE FC (before his first UFC run) and Strikeforce. He KO'd Mark Hunt one month ago at UFC 180 and should have a unification bout against the champion Cain Velasquez at some point in 2015.