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Demetrious Johnson: If Reebok deal costs fighters money that's a 'big boo-boo'

The UFC Flyweight champ has long had a lucrative Xbox sponsorship and he spoke to Mike Bohn about the implications of the UFC's Reebok deal.

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While fighters and fans are still waiting to find out the brass tacks details of the UFC's exclusive uniform deal with Reebok, one UFC champ is open with his concerns about the deal. UFC Flyweight champ Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson spoke with MMA Junkie's Mike Bohn.

The champ didn't pull any punches.

"Obviously I can't wear Xbox in the octagon anymore, so there's nothing I can do about that," Johnson said. "We've been talking to Xbox and Microsoft and all that stuff. We hope they keep me on outside. Whether they want me to go out and do promotion of games and stuff - for my last fight for ‘Call of Duty,' I went down to L.A. and did a viewing party, went to San Francisco to work on the games - so I'm hoping I can do a lot more of that stuff outside the octagon where they have to keep me.

"A guy like Nick Diaz, for example, comes out with all his Metal Mulisha, all his sponsorships," Johnson said. "Let's say from those sponsorships he makes like $80,000 to go in the octagon. That's a nice payday just for wearing sponsorships.

"Lets say the UFC says, ‘Hey man, you've got wear Reebok tomorrow.' And he says, ‘OK, that sounds good. Here are all my pay stubs and my contracts for my last fight. They're paying me $80,000, so what's Reebok going to pay me?' They say, ‘You're ranked second in the world, so we're going to pay you $2,000 to wear Reebok.' For me, I think that's not necessarily fair because there's basically $78,000 that's unaccounted for. If UFC's going to compensate me with the same amount, that's fantastic. If not, that's a big boo-boo."

Read the whole interview.

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