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Alistair Overeem vs. Stefan Struve Full Fight Video Highlights of UFC on Fox Knockout

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Watch video from Alistair Overeem vs. Stefan Struve at UFC on FOX.

After a rough stretch as of late, Alistair Overeem badly needed a win to stay in the UFC. As part of the main card of UFC on FOX, the former Strikeforce champ managed to get a quality win against Stefan Struve on the ground. Check out video of the bout on the clip above. For a more detailed account on the bout, here's a snipped from our UFC on FOX live blog:

R1: A hesitant front kick from Overeem is the first and only offering 40 seconds in. Overeem knifes in and grabs a body lock but can't keep Struve on the cage. Struve lands a mile-long front kick to the body. Lead knee to the body lands for Struve. Overeem gets the body lock and takes Struve down, at first cautiously throwing a right but then heaving two scorchers after. Struve closes his guard, then opens and boots Overeem away.

Big John McCarthy lets it go on as Overeem stands over Struve with no offensive attempts. Finally Overeem dives back into Struve's guard but backs out shortly after. The process repeats but this time Overeem crushes Struve with a left and a prolonged stream of right hands to the jaw. Struve goes limp and Overeem plugs him with a few more to coax the referee intervention.

Alistair Overeem defeats Stefan Struve by KO (punches) R1 4:13