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Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Nate Diaz Full Fight Video Highlights on UFC on FOX

Watch highlights from the co-main event bout of UFC on Fox between Rafael Dos Anjos and Nate Diaz

Watch above, for video from the UFC on Fox bout between Rafael Dos Anjos and Nate Diaz. It ended with a one-sided beatdown which determined a new number 1 contender to Anthony Pettis' UFC lightweight title. If you're interested in getting caught up with more details on the action check below for a snippet from our play-by-play of the event.

R1: Diaz holds his range well with step-in jabs. Dos Anjos goes to work a half-minute in with a low kick and a jumping front kick. Then it's a right body kick that slips under the arm and into the ribs of Diaz. Another hard outside low kick for dos Anjos, who then lands a grazing right and another low kick. And another. Tight left hook lands for dos Anjos in an exchange. Diaz answers with a left. Another snapping low kick from the Brazilian and that one hurt.

Dos Anjos digs in with another low kick and Diaz starts trying to check them. Snapping left hand for Diaz but he's hobbled by the next low kick, visibly limping. Diaz stumbles forward with a sloppy combo and falls onto his back. Dos Anjos jumps into his guard with a left elbow. Diaz tries to scramble but eats a few hammer-fists, then rolls into a heel hook that starts loose but gets tighter. Dos Anjos steps over and throws more lefts in the guard of Diaz. Deep half guard for Diaz, then he tries to shrimp out to no avail. 10-9 Dos Anjos.

R2: Dos Anjos ducks a Diaz left and lands another low kick to the lead leg. And another. Make it three in a row. Now four and Diaz changes his stance. He switches back and eats another kick, then goes back to orthodox. Dos Anjos is ruthless, now attacking the right lead leg of Diaz. Dos Anjos hits a takedown and Diaz shows a bad cut around his right eye. Cleaving elbow from dos Anjos on top as Diaz looks for wrist control. Diaz deflects two shots while taking a knee in an attempt to stand but dos Anjos stays on him.

Diaz stands but eats a knee to the body for his efforts. Dos Anjos digs his shin in with two more low kicks and referee Jason Herzog calls time for the doc to examine Diaz's eye. We restart with 1:20 left and dos Anjos lands a strong kick to the body followed by another low kick. Another low kick and it almost folds Diaz. Another and Diaz tries to counter but can only limp a step forward. Dos Anjos lands another low kick and then throws a jumping front kick, but it's the follow-up right that puts Diaz down. 10-8 Dos Anjos.

R3: The first dos Anjos low kicks cracks home 20 seconds in. Dos Anjos comes high with the kick and Diaz gets a glove in front of it. Dos Anjos hits a takedown and Diaz closes his guard. Two hard elbows land for dos Anjos. Diaz blocks the next punch and set of elbows. Dos Anjos passes to half guard and then stands up as Diaz retains full guard. Dos Anjos stacks the legs and dives back into Diaz's guard to cram a few left hands into his face.

Diaz throws punches with both hands and dos Anjos uses the can opener to stifle it. Diaz saying something aloud as dos Anjos continues to rain down punishment from the top. Diaz closes his guard and throws ineffective punches and dos Anjos responds with two cleaving elbows. Diaz literally slaps dos Anjos in the face twice and dos Anjos slaps him back. 10-8 Dos Anjos. I have it 30-25 his way.

Rafael dos Anjos defeats Nate Diaz by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2, 30-27)

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