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Tommy Toe Hold Show: The Reem trains with Mighty Mouse on JBJ's shoulders?

My kingdom for a horse...

What's up fight fans? I'm the Baha Men of mixed martial arts Tommy Toe Hold, bringing you yet another exclusive episode of The Tommy Toe Hold Show (TTTHS) for SB Nation! Today: the one. The only. The Reem.

Alistair Overeem is one of my favorite characters in a sport filled with characters. He looks like a superhero, he doesn't say much, and whether he wins or loses he does so in spectacular fashion. With a do or die fight coming up with Stefan Struve, a lot of fighters might be more reflective, and it's very possible that the Reem is too, but I'd like to think that he's the overly cool guy with the entrances that go on entirely too long that he presents when the lights come on and he's heading to the cage. Love him or hate him, he's great for the sport and this interview is my ode to a fighter whose name is preceded by "The".