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Mike Kogan claims phone theft after tweet about Randa Markos: 'no wonder ragheads have their women oppressed'

MMA manager Mike Kogan's twitter featured a very racist tweet about Randa Markos. When called on it, Kogan said someone at the bar must have grabbed his phone. The biggest problem with his excuse? It's the same kind of racism he has used multiple times on Twitter.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Kogan isn't exactly known as being a tactful human being. During his time as an MMA manager he's had some really odd moments, including seeming to be particularly free with his use of the "n-word."

Tonight, his Twitter feed launched another kind of racial slur during the Randa Markos vs. Jessica Penne fight, calling Markos a "raghead"

Kogan 1

At the point where fans and media members began reacting to the racist tweet, Kogan tried to run it back, blaming a phone thief in the bar:

The problem with that excuse is that the tweet is very much in line with things Kogan has tweeted throughout the past several years.

Here are some highlights of similarly racist moments from Kogan:

Kogan 2

Okay, maybe that one was a little borderline...let's try that again:

Kogan 3

Okay, that one was undeniably racist. But it's not like he used the word "raghead," did he?

Kogan 4

Kogan 5


So, it's fairly easy to see why many people just aren't buying the "someone must have taken my phone" excuse.