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Jose Canseco gunning for UFC bout with CM Punk

CM Punk has no lack of potential opponents, now with former Dream star Jose Canseco throwing his hat in the ring.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Wait, Dream isn't what Jose Canseco is best known for? As one of the original "Bash Brothers," Jose Canseco has had a strange journey post-MLB. Admitted steroid use, a number of arrests and court appearances, as well as a notably exposing memoir have all kept Canseco in the public eye, even if they haven't made him a more beloved public figure. As for his connection to MMA, it centers mostly off of one of the strangest "freak show" fights in history.

Back in 2008, Canseco challenged Vai Sikahema to a celebrity boxing match, losing by KO in the first round. He rebounded with a draw against equally-notorious child actor Danny Bonaducci. All of which lead to his Dream 9 contest, in 2009 against Hong-Man Choi, the 7" 1' Korean giant, who has kickboxing wins over Semi Schilt and Mighty Mo. Canseco was down just outside the first minute.

That hasn't stopped him from calling out the UFC's latest signing however. Canseco took to Twitter on Friday to issue a challenge to recent UFC signee and 0-0 record holder, CM Punk:

He's certainly got the right qualifications for Punk's skill level. What do you think, does Canseco deserve a shot in the UFC?

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