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Nate Diaz on CM Punk: 'You can't fight me, you're an amateur'

Ariel Helwani spoke to the UFC LW before his co-main event against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on Fox 13. Nate talks about the UFC uniforms deal with Reebok, CM Punk coming to the UFC and missing the work outs.

Nate Diaz has been on the shelf for over a year. He returns to action against Rafael dos Anjos in the co-main event of UFC on Fox 13. Diaz spoke to MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani today and had his usual colorful take on a number of topics.

Diaz explained why he missed the open workouts earlier this week, "I overslept and I thought it was optional. If I'd known it was mandatory I woulda showed up."

Diaz also talked about the UFC's new deal with Reebok to provide uniforms for fighters.

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"I think it's a cult deal. It takes the individuality out of it. I think it's a great thing for the sport. Will it be good for the fighters? F**k if I know."

When asked about former WWE wrestler CM Punk being signed by the UFC, Diaz really opened up with an extended riff about how bringing in an "amateur" to fight in the UFC degraded every athlete in the organization.

Transcription via MMA Mania:

"All the little UFC clingers, the fighters, are putting their little immature opinions out there: ‘I'll fight CM Punk, I'll welcome him to the Octagon.' It's like, get out of here. Straight up. You're welcoming this? You ain't welcome. You can't fight me. You're an amateur. Fight for 10 years and we can fight.... He can come train [with Cesar Gracie], that's cool. All the luck to him - good luck CM Punk. But, that situation? F**k that situation. You're going to pay that guy out more than anyone who is fighting on his first day because he's a draw? I understand that: The draw, the money and the company. But, do you know who it's not good for? The athletes. We're supposed to be pros. Why are we being treated like semi pros? You're going to bring an amateur in and pay him more than us? If you're going to fight him and get paid more than him, fight him. You're going to bring in this guy and pay him however many millions of dollars because he's a draw and they're going to give a $20,000 check to the guy who fights him and he's going to act like it's an opportunity. That ain't no opportunity, that's being hustled.... We can't go play in the NFL or NBA. Stefan Struve's big ass can't go play in the NBA just because he wants to. They's be like, ‘Ha, get out of here! You're an amateur, go to the minor leagues.' C'mon."

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