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'OSMMA Review Awards' Announcement

Get ready to vote on your favorite moments from the history of Old School MMA, be it the best moments that you love seeing, or the worst that you wish you could forget!

It's time for the greatest MMA awards that ever existed for fans of the old school days of the sport!

As the video above explains, we are formally announcing the start of our first volume of Old School MMA Review Awards, where fans like you get to decide who wins in this all-out battle for bare-knuckle supremacy. This debut edition of our award show will feature the best and worst no-holds-barred moments from the events that we have looked at on the show. In other words, things from UFC 1 in 1993, and ending with the Ultimate Ultimate 1996. Future awards that we do will include more moments, to make this the most comprehensive (yet still overall meaningless) award event possible.

If you were unable to watch the Ooyala video above, which has all of our categories, you can check it out at this link here on Youtube.

Zane and I have already decided on a dozen categories which will have around five nominations each (although a few will include six or more), and you can have a sneak peek.

Stay tuned for the first poll, and feel free to make guesses now in the comments as to who you hope to see win the golden Andy Anderson! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Below are the categories that you will be able to vote on soon:

OSMMA Awards Vol 1 Categories

Thanks to June M. Williams for our Awards graphics.