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UFC Fight Night: Alves vs. Jouban full fight video highlights

Watch the highlights from the UFC Fight Night: Uberlandia co-main event between Walrey Alves and Alan Jouban.

The co-main event of the evening featured a match-up between Warlley Alves and Alan Jouban.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the fight below:

Alves immediately indicates that Jouban's early kick landed low -- the replay might justify it but Alves might be looking for a way out here. Contrary to that opinion, Alves come out heaving boulders with both hands and catches Jouban, who returns fire with a left cross and left kick. They both plant and rattle off mutual combinations. Alves bounces an uppercut off Jouban's chin with the single collar tie, then lands another right on the next exchange. Jouban glances with a front kick to the body.

Alves heaves a right hand but takes a one-two in return.Jouban scores with another left body kick and then pastes Alves with a tight flurry -- Alves again motions to the ref, insinuating some sort of misconduct, but the ref tells him to fight on. Jouban attacks methodically, careful not to over-commit as he stalks Alves with a steady hum-drum of crisp punches. Alves backpedals and disengages until he surprises Jouban by planting his feet for a right. Jouban assuming an almost Diaz-like tempo with his relentless boxing assault to close the frame. 10-9 Jouban for a 29-28 his way on my card.