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UFC Fight Night 56: Shogun vs. St. Preux live results, play by play, discussion

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Top-to-bottom coverage for tonight's UFC event from Uberlandia, Minais Gerais, Brazil.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live fight results and in-depth play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. St. Preux takes place from Brazil.

Battle-hardened brawler Mauricio "Shogun" Rua tackles rising talent Ovince St. Preux in the headliner and, with the McCall/Lineker flyweight bout being scratched, TUF Brazil 3 winner Warlley Alves meets Alan Jouban in the reshaped co-main event. Also on the main card: BAMMA welterweight champ Leon Edwards draws Claudio Silva and Juliana "Ju Thai" Lima faces Nina Ansaroff. The full lineup with start times follows below.

UFN 56 Main Card
(FOX Sports 1 at 10:30 p.m. ET)

Mauricio Rua vs. Ovince Saint Preux

R1: Saint Preux will be "OSP" for the sake of typing convenience here. Rear-leg teep lands to the body for OSP. Shogun lands an inside low kick after blocking OSP's left high kick. OSP beautifully times a picture-perfect check hook that crumples Shogun, then bounces a good ten left hands off Shogun's head to convince the ref and the rest of the world that it really happened. The fight is stopped and the stunned silence of the Brazilian crowd is deafening. An amazing and unfathomably devastating knockout by Saint Preux.

  • Ovince Saint Preux defeats Mauricio "Shogun" Rua by TKO (punches) R1 0:34

Warlley Alves vs. Alan Jouban

R1: Alves launches out of his corner with a jumping roundhouse kick and a scorching eruption of heaters, many of which land flush on Jouban, who can only cover up. Jouban is able to offer a left kick but Alves steps inside to jam it and plug him with another meatball of a right hand. Alves locks up a top-side guillotine after freezing Jouban's escape attempt with the front headlock. Jouban manages to stand up as a nasty right high kick sails just over his head.

Alves finally slows to a more reasonable pace, holding Jouban on the fence with an underhook. Jouban comes over the shoulder with a left hook when he gets space and it lands. Now Jouban steps back and slings a horizontal elbow into Alves' jaw. Grazing knee to the body from Jouban before Alves shoves him away. Alves leaps in with a right hook and Jouban answers with a left body kick. Lead left hook scores for Jouban,who follows his next hook with a tight left elbow. Alves thwacks Jouban with a clean high kick though it only lands with the foot. Jouban spears the body of Alves with a straight left and then digs his shin into the ribs with a left body kick. Great round. 10-9 Alves for the fiery first half.

R2: Jouban steps into a short jab but gets taken down when Alves catches his left body kick. Rubber guard for Jouban and a series of short rights to Alves' head. Alves breaks the omoplata attempt Jouban's working on but Jouban uses a body lock to plant a foot, and he stands back up.

Jouban blasts a high kick off Alves' forearm and lands an outside low kick. Alves responds with a counter right but he's flat-footed and almost certainly gassed. Jouban peels off a three-punch combo and scores nicely, then bores a left cross through his defense. Alves hurls a right hand but Jouban gets a glove in front of it. Jouban zings a straight left downstairs and it backs Alves up. Alves takes a finger to the eye and we pause while he recovers -- he might've been over-selling it. Alves motions that he was poked again after they restart but the ref waves it off. 10-9 Jouban.

R3: Alves immediately indicates that Jouban's early kick landed low -- the replay might justify it but Alves might be looking for a way out here. Contrary to that opinion, Alves come out heaving boulders with both hands and catches Jouban, who returns fire with a left cross and left kick. They both plant and rattle off mutual combinations. Alves bounces an uppercut off Jouban's chin with the single collar tie, then lands another right on the next exchange. Jouban glances with a front kick to the body.

Alves heaves a right hand but takes a one-two in return.Jouban scores with another left body kick and then pastes Alves with a tight flurry -- Alves again motions to the ref, insinuating some sort of misconduct, but the ref tells him to fight on. Jouban attacks methodically, careful not to over-commit as he stalks Alves with a steady hum-drum of crisp punches. Alves backpedals and disengages until he surprises Jouban by planting his feet for a right. Jouban assuming an almost Diaz-like tempo with his relentless boxing assault to close the frame. 10-9 Jouban for a 29-28 his way on my card.

  • Warlley Alves defeats Alan Jouban by utterly comical judging (unanimous decision: 29-28 x 3)

Leon Edwards vs. Claudio Silva

R1: Silva digs his shin into Edwards' body with a left kick and then catches him during a flying knee, converting it into a takedown. Silva is high in the half guard of Edwards and looking for mount. Edwards regains his guard but eats a few shots to the face for his troubles. Lead-leg side kick for Edwards, who plugs Silva on his way in with a clubbing left. Silva answers with a snapping left hand, then uses the same strike again to stun Edwards briefly.

Silva shoots and Edwards stuffs it with an underhook, then reverses Silva's throw to land in top position.Silva gets wrist control and stands up, but looks to get buzzed by a left hand from Edwards, who then flings a right hand that lands to Silva's chin. Silva fires back with a clean shot and they close the frame trading knees in the clinch. 10-10.

R2: Edwards catches Silva with a check hook but takes an accidental shot the pills. We pause briefly and Silva hammers a low kick on the restart. Another retreating counter hook scores for Edwards, then a piston-like left cross. Silva, perhaps getting desperate, telegraphs a takedown and gets warned for shorts-grabbing after it's stuffed. Edwards still finding a home for his quick left cross, landing it clean on consecutive exchanges.

Regardless, Silva throws a lazy kick and lets another left hand bounce off his chin. Lead right hook lands downstairs for Edwards. Silva grazes with a step-in left and gets his head snapped back by another left cross. Silva shoots another desperation takedown and manages to keep Edwards on the fence with the body lock, and hits an outside trip with just under a minute left. Silva teleports into full mount, then takes Edwards' back, looking for a choke. 10-9 Edwards.

R3: Edwards lands a straight left but Silva hits a reactive takedown. Silva bases down in half guard and insta-passes to full mount, but settles for side control and short knees to the body instead. Edwards regains half guard but Silva once again easily slips his leg out and passes to full mount.

Edwards gives up his back, then rolls back into mount with Silva fully adhered. Silva stays patient and starts to cinch up an arm-triangle but Edwards slickly sweeps him, then backs off to restart it on the feet. Edwards whiffs with a big right but sneaks in two punches before the horn sounds. 10-9 Silva. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Claudio Silva defeats Leon Edwards by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Dhiego Lima vs. Jorge Oliveira

R1: Oliveira flashes a spinning kick that whiffs. They trade short rights. Stiff jab from Lima. And another. Make it a third. Lima misses with a big right hook but re-establishes his jab on the reset. Outside low kick from Oliveira, then a wild flurry that might have dazed Lima a little. They clinch up and trade places on the fence with Lima working for a body lock.

Short, quick up-knee for Oliveira but Lima locks his hands and hits the takedown, falling into side mount. Oliveira hips into Lima but he's greeted with a crisp forearm. Lima passes to full mount and postures up to fire down a missile that just misses, but he traps Oliveira's arm and works for the arm-triangle. Oliveira spins away and Lima transitions to a choke -- after Oliveira scrambles out and takes a knee, Lima lands a blatantly illegal knee to the face of the downed Oliveira. The ref just restarts it after Oliveira's ready. 10-9 Lima.

R2: Lima opens with a left and then hits an early takedown on the fence, quickly passing to full mount. A minute in, Lima is mounted and raining down punches with both hands. Lima opens his base too far and Oliveira slips out for a minute, but Lima weighs down on him and regains the mount. Paint brush attempt from Lima on the left side but Oliveira is able to break his grip.

Lima postures up and hammers down a right that Oliveira deflects at the last second. Now it's a steady series of right and left hooks from Lima, who threatens to take Oliveira's back as he's working an escape. Nonstop punches from Lima until he sees an opening and threads his arm under the chin, but the ultra-feisty Oliveira hand-fights his way out and stands back up. Lima hits a double leg but Oliveira bounces right back up and slings some leather in Lima's face. Lima counters by changing levels and hitting another takedown, and he lands in full mount. 10-8 Lima for a one-sided round.

R3: Lima hits a slick foot sweep in an opening exchange and falls into side control. Oliveira rolls onto a hip and shrimps out to stand back up. Lima scores with a left roundhouse kick to the ribs. The pace has taken its toll on the fighters as their output noticeably declines. Lima throws a decent combo as Oliveira labors to heave a slow right, and Lima gets deep on his hips for another takedown.

Lima fights for mount and Oliveira darts out the back door when Lima steps over too far. Lima hits a sluggish takedown but expends the last of his energy with a round-closing flurry from on top. 10-9 Lima for a 30-26 his way on my card.

  • Dhiego Lima defeats Jorge Oliveira by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Nina Ansaroff vs. Juliana Lima

R1: Lima wheels an outside low kick and a front kick to the knee brace on Ansaroff's left leg, and Ansaroff darts into the clinch. Lima counters with the Thai plum and either Ansaroff loses her balance or I missed something; she's on her back in a closed guard as Lima goes to the body with both hands. Lima postures up, dodges an up-kick and dives back down with a right hand.

A high guard for Ansaroff and Lima backs out when Ansaroff passes her leg for a triangle, but lands a stiff body knee as Ansaroff stands back up. Ansaroff jumps for a guillotine and it's tight -- Lima frantically yanks her head out after a struggle and regains top position. Ansaroff does a decent job of controlling Lima's wrists and posture but she catches her with an up-kick while she's down. The ref catches it and we pause, leaving only a few seconds after they're restarted. 10-9 Lima though the guillotine attempt nearly evened it for me.

R2: Lima heaves a right hand and scores an inside low kick. Lima shoots a double and hits a fresh angle to complete it. Lima is more control-minded in Ansaroff's guard and for good reason: Ansaroff swivels for an armbar on the first strike Lima throws and goes belly down on it. Lima pulls her arm out and craftily transitions to an inside heel hook.

Ansaroff stays patient and kicks the hold loose from the 50/50 guard, and Lima takes top position. Sharp left elbow from Ansaroff on her back. The ref steps in to separate them with just over a minute left. Spinning heel kick from Ansaroff is evaded by Lima with a shrug. Crisp outside low kick from Ansaroff, then she slips a right hand in and lands a spinning kick to the body. 10-9 Ansaroff for the submission attempt and late striking edge.

R3: Outside low kick from Lima. Ansaroff can't answer back with the low kick but does connect on another spinning straight kick to the body. Lima shoots and Ansaroff defends, and they stalemate on the fence in the over-under clinch. This time Ansaroff attacks Lima's hips as she works for the Thai plum but Lima's short strikes dissuade her on the takedown attempt.

Ansaroff circles off the fence and lands a left knee to the ribs. Lima answers back with a knee. Short lefts for Ansaroff and more knees. Lima circles off and lands a body knee but takes one to the face, and the ref interrupts to restart them. Ansaroff stuffs a Lima takedown and scores with a right and left kick to the body. They clinch up and Lima digs two knees in from the Thai plum with her back against the fence. Another spinning kick to the body from Ansaroff, though it doesn't land hard. 10-10 for interpreting that as an even round with no clear winner. I have it a draw.

  • Juliana Lima defeats Nina Ansaroff by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Fox Prelims
(FOX Sports 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET)

Diego Rivas vs. Rodolfo Rubio

R1: Rivas loses his balance on a combo and Rubio catches him with a right. Rubio goes airborne with a knee and Rivas catches him and dumps him. Rubio keeps an open full guard and looks to cage walk but Rivas jams his head into the fence to stuff it. Rubio scrambles to his feet but eats a right.

Rivas scores with a right cross but gets caught in the rear waist cinch and taken down. Rubio rolls on top as Rivas secures strong wrist and posture control from full guard. Rivas throws his leg over for a triangle and doesn't get it, and Rubio takes his back in the scramble. Rivas spins to face him a moment later and goes to work with hammer-fists in Rubio's guard. Rivas is able to posture up and land a few shots from on top before the horn sounds. 10-9 Rivas.

R2: Rivas throws a right high kick and covers effectively on Rubio's counter shots. Rivas tags Rubio with a clean right cross. Step-in knee attempt from Rubio, then a high kick; Rivas blocks both. Rivas puts Rubio on his heels with two wide, looping rights, then takes him down with a double leg.

Rivas bases down in Rubio's high half guard and passes to side mount, then transitions to north-south. Rubio spins into him and Rivas settles in side mount. Rubio times a sweep perfectly and passes into side control, landing knees to the body. Rubio passes to mount and boldly pursues an armbar as Rivas escapes. 10-9 Rivas, though Rubio nearly balanced the round with his late surge.

R3: A tentative start to the final frame on both sides. Rivas lands a right cross and throws a high kick, and Rubio counter-clinches. Rivas with a quick and short knee in the tie-up. Rubio slips his head under Rivas' arm and again sneaks into the rear waist cinch, pulling Rivas on top of him and sinking both hooks in with back mount. In a carbon copy of the same sequence that occurred previously, Rivas spins into top position.

Rubio uses the fence to stand and initiates a scramble but Rivas ends up on top, and rides out the round holding position. 10-9 Rivas for a clean sweep on my card.

  • Diego Rivas defeats Rodolfo Rubio by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Caio Magalhaes vs. Trevor Smith

R1: Magalhaes comes out throwing clubbing right and left hands. And it's that very sort of punch that causes Smith to duck and cover, setting the perfect stage for a nasty up-knee from the double collar tie that crumples Smith to the canvas. Magalhaes finishes him off emphatically with hammer-fists.

  • Caio Magalhaes defeats Trevor Smith by TKO (knee and hammer-fists) R1 0:31

Charlie Brenneman vs. Leandro Silva

R1: Brenneman throws an outside low kick and Silva just misses with a counter. Brenneman shoots but gets stuffed by Silva's sprawl and front headlock. Brenneman shoots again and gets the outside trip after readjusting his angle. Short elbow from Brenneman in half guard and it immediately raises a golf-ball-sized lump on Silva's foreahead. Silva goes to deep half guard and uses his underhook to create enough space to stand.

Brenneman switches to a single and Silva hits a nice switch to land on top. Brenneman boots Silva's hips away and stands, then runs the pipe on a single leg. Silva's back up with a wide base but he can't repel Brenneman's double; he lands on his butt and manages to reverse Brenneman, then take his back and put both hooks in with one minute left. Silva laces on the choke and Brenneman taps quickly.

  • Leandro Silva defeats Charlie Brenneman by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 4:15

Thomas Almeida vs. Tim Gorman

R1: Gorman scurries out, heaves a few punches and changes levels quickly to put Almeida down. Almeida scrambles to his feet but Gorman adheres relentlessly, moves behind Almeida and jumps on his back. Almeida manages to escape despite Gorman's body triangle and discharges an explosive volley of punches. The barrage puts Gorman on his heels until he stands his ground with a heavy right hand.

Almeida gets busy with a left hook both up- and downstairs. Snapping jab finds the mark for Gorman. Lead hook to the liver scores for Almeida but Gorman keeps touching him with the jab. Almeida shuffles forward and dings Gorman with a stiff uppercut, then again with an overhand right. Knee to the body for Almeida, who smells blood and is squeezing the trigger like a madman. It's a nonstop outburst of rights, lefts and knees from Almeida, who steals the round but can't put the resilient Gorman away. 10-9 Almeida.

R2: Left teep starts it off for Almeida. Gorman responds with a straight one-two. Silva comes back with a one-two and a knee. Now Almeida's power is the difference in the next two exchanges and, though he's throwing shots of his own, Gorman slows his pace. Almeida pastes Gorman with a punch and another knee, but Gorman is showing incredible toughness here.

Almeida sustains his high but calculating pace and continues to rack up points with well-mixed combinations and knees. Jumping switch knee from Almeida, then a one-two and a knee to the face from the double collar tie. Almeida digs a left hook to Gorman's liver. We pause as Gorman loses his mouthpiece. Gorman lands a right cross but Almeida's right back in his face with tight and intelligent combos. Gorman closes the round working on a double leg. 10-9 Almeida.

R3: Gorman pieces together a trio of one-twos and lands effectively. Almeida answers with a cross-hook combo and a right downstairs. Uppercut and body kick from Almeida, who's now looking to counter Gorman's right with an over-the-top elbow. Hook-cross combo from Almeida, mixing things up nicely. Almeida pelts Gorman with an uppercut after throwing the hook-cross and it lands clean.

Left switch kick to the body from Almeida, who's displaying an excellent blend of technique, composure and aggression. Almeida strikes in opposites with a right hook and a left roundhouse kick. Gorman plants for successive one-twos but his lack of variety is hurting him. Almeida bores a right hand through Gorman's guard and follows with a knee to the body. 10-9 Almeida -- I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Thomas Almeida defeats Tim Gorman by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Colby Covington vs. Wagner Silva

R1: Covington starts with consecutive left high kicks but Silva gets a glove in front of them. Covington sneaks in a right roundhouse kick to the body and dodges a big overhand from Silva. Lead right hooks for Covington from distance, then a kick and an unsuccessful takedown attempt. Silva glances with a left, then just misses with a heavy uppercut. Outside low kick lands for Silva. A lot of side to side movement from Covington.

Covington hits a duck-under double leg and throws a few shots before a rather fluid pass to side mount. Silva times his sweep as Covington passes to mount and escapes during the ensuing scramble. Silva lands a body kick but gets tagged with a right hand when he tries to double up on it. Covington shoots a single and Silva defends but takes a few light lefts to the face against the fence. Covington stays on the takedown and hits a body-lock throw to close the frame. 10-9 Covington.

R2: Silva flashes his hands and lands two kicks but Covington ducks under for another double leg. Silva is back up but it's ephemeral as Covington gets him back down with a body-lock takedown. Silva stands up again and resists Covington's throw but digests a steady flow of short left hands until the ref steps in to separate them -- an unintentional knee below the belt is revealed as the reason for the intervention.

They restart at the halfway mark with Silva losing his balance on a sloppy combination. Silva sneaks a right body kick under Covington's left arm but absorbs a counter left from Covington, who puts Silva on the fence after he can't get deep enough on a double leg. More blind left hands from Covington in the clinch with his head buried under Silva's chin. 10-9 Covington.

R3: Silva throws a right/left hook combo and lands the latter, but gets hoisted off the ground and dumped by Covington a moment later. Body, body, head shots from Covington in half guard. Silva tries to work a sweep from half butterfly guard but Covington shuts it down and keeps a stream of leather in Silva's face. Cross-face elbows from Covington now, then a left horizontal elbow after posturing up.

Another slick guard pass from Covington, who takes Silva's back when he tries to spin out. Covington flattens Silva out and taps him with the rear-naked choke in a very clinical and businesslike fashion.

  • Colby Covington defeats Wagner Silva by submission (rear-naked choke) R3 3:26