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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Anderson visits doctor Nick

100cc's of hilarious.

What's up fight fans? Welcome to another special edition of TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show) exclusively for SB Nation! I'm the gum stuck on the shoe of mixed martial arts Tommy Toe Hold. And today, I'll be rehashing all the most popular jokes on my show from the most popular characters for a cheap laugh.

Seriously though, this episode contains every character that has made this make believe job that I have even possible. It's got Anderson Silva. It's got Nick and Nate Diaz. It's got GSP. Most importantly though, it has them all together in the most implausible way possible!

Anderson recently had a health scare, so I thought I would see what his doctor visit would look through the filter of TTTHS. The result: Nick Diaz is a doctor, Nate is a nurse, and Georges St Pierre is on the run from aliens. Enjoy!

Watch the video above.