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The Cut List: UFC Fight Night - Rockhold vs. Bisping

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Another prospect from the Chinese circuit sees his UFC career in jeopardy, and up to five more may be at risk of the axe following Friday's Fight Night.

Photo by Paolo Tabuena

Likely Cut With a Loss

Jumabieke Tuerxun (14-2, 0-2 UFC) - a winless three-fight campaign would likely fold up Tuerxun's UFC run. It's possible that a particularly exciting, competitive performance could ward off a pink slip--maybe to the purpose of a bout with a TUF: China also-ran--but otherwise I have a hard time seeing him sticking around past a third loss.

Possibly Cut With a Loss

Marcus Brimage (6-3, 3-2 UFC) - like his opponent Tuerxun, Brimage is staring down the barrel of a three-fight losing streak. The difference is that, unlike Tuerxun, Brimage won three in a row prior to this slump. The fact remains, though, that he hasn't won a bout since 2012 and his place in the UFC is quite possibly at risk.

Daniel Kelly (7-0, 0-1 TUF) - fighters who lose in TUF's opening round usually aren't invited back unless they put forward a particularly stirring performance or, as is most likely the case here, the UFC is hoping to cater to a particular audience. The Australian Kelly might get the usual second shot, but only if the UFC overlooks his loss on TUF Nations.

Anthony Perosh (14-8, 4-5 UFC) - I think Perosh has done surprisingly well in his current UFC run, losing for the most part only to higher level competition and finishing all of his other opponents. Still, he's 42, and a second consecutive loss at the hands of a guy otherwise winless in the UFC might push him out.

Sam Alvey (23-6, 0-1 UFC), Guto Inocente (6-3, 0-1 UFC) - the tendency these days is to give guys more room to grow into their roles as UFC fighters, but I still wouldn't take either of their places for granted. I'd say Inocente is in the slightly better position as he's moving into the anemic light-heavyweight division, whereas Alvey is coming off a loss to a flagging Tom Watson.

Likely Safe Regardless of Outcome

Vagner Rocha (11-3, 1-2 UFC), Walt Harris (7-3, 0-2 UFC) - both are looking for a fresh start in the UFC, Rocha after winning four straight on the regionals, and Harris after a single, who's back in the fold after only 11 months and a first-round KO of D.J. Linderman.

Chris Clements (11-5-1NC, 1-1-1NC UFC), Dylan Andrews (17-5, 2-1 UFC) - two guys coming off losses as well as lengthy layoffs due to injury. I think the UFC likely cuts these guys a break, especially given their fan-friendly styles.

Louis Smolka (7-1, 1-1 UFC), Soa Palelei (21-4, 3-2 UFC) - both are coming off losses, but they compete in flyweight and heavyweight, respectively, and both divisions need bodies.

Luke Zachrich (14-3, 1-1 UFC), Vik Grujic (7-3, 1-1 UFC), Richie Vaculik (10-2, 1-1 UFC), Robert Whittaker (12-4, 3-2 UFC) - props to Zachrich for getting bounced from TUF 7 and then fighting his way back to the UFC six years later.

Jake Matthews (7-0, 1-0), Clint Hester (11-3, 4-0 UFC) - Hester has the longest active win streak of anyone fighting on Friday's card.

Ross Pearson (16-7, 8-4-1NC UFC), Al Iaquinta (9-3-1, 4-2 UFC), Luke Rockhold (12-2, 2-1 UFC), Michael Bisping (25-6, 15-6 UFC) - atrocious judges' decisions aside, Pearson ought to be undefeated in five outings, while Bisping hasn't one consecutive bouts since 2011.