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UFC ends Anthony Johnson's suspension after civil case is dismissed

UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson is no longer under suspension after a Florida judge dismissed the temporary protection order filed against him.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As of today, Anthony Johnson is cleared to fight in the UFC again. In an official statement released by the UFC, "Rumble" has had his suspension lifted after his civil case was dismissed by a Florida judge. Bloody Elbow's Brent Brookhouse had chronicled allegations made by the mother of Johnson's children of his abusive past and history of violence and threats towards her. Last Wednesday, in Johnson's civil court hearing, the woman voluntarily dismissed her complaint and the presiding judge dismissed the case entirely. Upon dismissal of the case, the UFC lifted Johnson's indefinite suspension.

Here's the full statement from the UFC:

The person who filed a civil temporary protection order against UFC contender Anthony Johnson last September voluntarily dismissed their complaint last week in the Florida Circuit Court. Before granting a dismissal of the case, the presiding judge independently questioned the alleging party regarding their voluntary intentions, and thereafter the judge dismissed the entire matter.

The dismissal of the case, along with an independent investigation that was commissioned by the UFC organization, brings closure to this matter for Johnson and allows him to return to competition in the UFC. As a result, UFC officials are exploring options for Johnson’s next fight to take place early next year.

The UFC organization will not tolerate domestic violence, sexual assault or any other violation of its Code of Conduct. The organization is committed to thoroughly investigating all allegations and taking the appropriate action when warranted.

As it pertains to his career and the immediate effect is has on the light heavyweight division, this essentially makes it inevitable that he will be fighting Alexander Gustafsson next year. Initially, the UFC had planned to make Gustafsson vs. Johnson for a December main event before these details emerged in September and he was promptly put under an indefinite suspension. With Rashad Evans injured and unable to compete until no earlier than March, Gus vs. Rumble is in the cards once again.

There's been no official comment from Anthony Johnson since the news broke earlier today, but Bloody Elbow will continue to provide updates on this developing story.

(Ed. Note: At one point we used the language that the case was "thrown out" when it was, as described multiple times in the article, "voluntarily dismissed".)