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Punishments handed out to four Bellator 127 fighters who failed drug tests

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Suspensions and fines have been doled out for the 4 men who failed their drug tests at Bellator 127.

Robert Cianflone

Following Bellator 127, a relatively large amount of fighters failed their post-fight drug tests as 4 fighters from the card tested positive for banned substances. Punishments for Rob Emerson, Keith Berry, Nick Moghaddam, and Fernando Gonzalez have since been laid out, and MMAWeekly has the numbers:

Berry and Moghaddam both tested positive for marijuana and an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio exceeding California’s limit of 4-to-1. Berry’s victory over Joe Pacheco was changed to a no contest. He was also suspended for 300 days and fined $2,500 (25-percent of his fight purse). Modhaddam was also suspended 300 days, but his fine was $1,000 or 50-percent of his fight purse.

Emerson tested positive for Modafinil, a substance that improves cognitive functioning, wakefulness, and energy, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. He received a 270-day suspension and $2,500 fine, which amounted to 35.7-percent of his fight purse.

Gonzalez tested positive for marijuana and was suspended 30 days and fined $315 (2.65-percent of his purse).

Following the string of failed tests, Scott Coker released a statement that drug use will not be tolerated in Bellator. Read his entire statement here.