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Rory MacDonald a fan of Conor McGregor’s striking prowess: ‘I want to emulate some of it for sure’

UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald delved into the reasons why he is a fan of Conor McGregor.

Add Rory MacDonald's name to the list of fighters who are impressed by the technical prowess and verbal skills of Irish superstar Conor McGregor.

The welterweight competitor, who will likely challenge for the 170-pound title in the near future, had high praise for McGregor during his recent appearance on The MMA Hour. MacDonald explained his admiration for McGregor's meteoric rise through the rankings, but more so on his skill set, which is what he is truly a fan of.

"He's doing the right thing to get noticed quick," said MacDonald. "But I think he would have done it anyway with his skill set. I'm more of a fan of his skills. The way he talks is the way he talks, but I'm more of a fan of his work in the cage. His movement, his confidence, and there's a lot of little technical things he does with his striking that I think I could use. I like it. It's new."

Considering McGregor has openly preached about his love for movement and striking techniques, it is not much of a surprise that he has made several new fans following his two most recent knockouts. However, MacDonald would go a step further and emulate the Irishman's tactics in his own fights.

"Yeah, I'm really impressed by him," he said. "He's on the cutting on some stuff I think. His movement and striking, it's got my attention for sure. I want to emulate some of it for sure."

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